Letters to the editor for January 9, 2012

By Observer Upload January 09, 2013 02:30 pm


Neighbors helping neighbors

To the Editor:

I wanted to pass on a huge thank you to Legacy Ford. I understand that they have helped the survivors of the horrific bus crash near Pendleton. I am not connected to any of the survivors, victims or tour company. I live in Comox, B.C., on Vancouver Island. I think that what this dealership is doing a wonderful gesture in neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends. As a Canadian I just had to send a note hoping that it will reach the management and staff at this dealership. Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.

Annie Bartlett

Comox, B.C.



Closer to a living wage

To the Editor:

The headline article in Friday’s Observer bemoans the hardships restaurant owners will endure because of the 15-cent boost in the minimum wage. Let’s look at the devastation that may be created by this tsunami of wage escalation.

The Restaurant Owners Association reports labor costs at 33 percent to 34 percent of income for full-service restaurants, 29 percent for limited-service restaurants. Therefore, for a full-service restaurant, the minimum wage boost is about 1/2 of 1 percent (.55 percent) of income. To recover this unconscionable hit to business, the $5 martini will now skyrocket to $5.03.

As an entrepreneur myself with five employees, I believe a better article would be headlined “Low Income Workers Come Closer to a Living Wage.”

Emelie McNett

La Grande