Letters to the editor for January 16, 2012

By Observer Upload January 16, 2013 10:08 am



School board should look into emergency lockdown

To the Editor:

While I do appreciate Police Chief Harvey’s options to secure our local schools, I just cannot see how he believes either of these are a viable option.

I would highly encourage the school board to look into RFID locking systems with emergency lock-down. Only authorized staff would be able to enter via alternative access doors, and visitors would only be able to enter through the main doors. 

If there is an emergency, a lock-down would be initiated and no one could get into the classrooms or where kids are until the lock-down was lifted or someone inside the locked-down room allowed them in. This is not a complicated system, and would not cost a small fortune to install or maintain, and would be a substantial savings over having full-time resource officers in our schools. 

Although I do agree that having at least part-time resource officers would be a value to our school systems, cutting teacher positions in exchange for those officers is a very poor idea.

Our school board needs to evaluate non-firearm options to make our schools safe. Simple human behavior is the key here. You can’t always prevent someone from having access to guns. You can’t always prevent someone from having the desire to perform a heinous act. But you can prevent an outsider from having access to our most valuable and helpless of assets, our kids.

Patrick Flynn

Island City





Everyone is entitled to home security

To the Editor:

Sorry, but this is the way many of us feel nowadays, and it probably won’t get any better with the present president and the “tax and spend” Democrats in there.

Nobody, male or female, has to have an assault weapon in their home, but everyone is entitled to a gun for home security. I feel secure with a 12-gauge and double-ought buckshot; as a veteran I know how to use it.

Leonard Morse

La Grande




Law enforcement reaction would be swift,decisive

To the Editor:

The horrific events in Connecticut have shocked the nation, and have caused schools and law enforcement agencies throughout the country to re-evaluate their emergency response protocols with particular urgency. While we have trained intensively for years to meet this kind of threat, the Union County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with our law enforcement and education partners, are actively engaged in an accelerated review of these procedures.

All parties are thoroughly and completely committed to the safety of our children and the staff who serve them. In the unlikely event that something similar should happen locally, please be assured that our reaction will be swift and decisive.

Craig Ward

Captain, Union County Sheriff’s Office

La Grande