Letters to the editor for February 11, 2013

By Observer Upload February 11, 2013 10:23 am

Solution in the gun debate may benefit both sides

To the Editor:

I have listened to all the talk about guns and their misuse. I think I have come up with a solution that would give something for both sides to think about (although I’m not sure either side ever thinks).

Suggestion 1. The convicted perpetrator of any crime using a weapon should be neutered.

Suggestion 2. Any person who shoots another person in the back should be neutered.

Suggestion 3. Any person who shoots an unarmed person should be neutered.

Suggestion 4. The owner of a weapon who looses or has one stolen and it is used in a crime should be held accountable since they failed to properly secure their weapons.

There is no way to prevent an insane person from perpetrating an insane act or to prevent any person who believes their God is so weak that it cannot solve its own worship problems, but if the names of the perpetrators or their organizations were never published, at least we could as a nation that they are not worthy of our consideration.

I know that sounds harsh, and it is. However, it is a sure deterrent to gun violence, and those people who choose to use guns irresponsibly would not produce and train children who believe that irresponsible behavior is acceptable.

This suggestion would not in any way limit people from having a gun, so the NRA should find this an acceptable solution and certainly those who wish stronger gun control would accept that this is certainly much stronger than any law restricting gun ownership.

Ernest I. Smith