Letters to the editor for February 18, 2013

By Observer Upload February 18, 2013 09:46 am


Castillo is not a lone wolf howling at moon

To the Editor:

I am impressed. This paper had an opportunity to address a serious issue, and by marginalizing it, chose rather to publish and exalt another man’s opinion, an opinion which is not shared with myriads of his trade peers. Thomas Jefferson said, “It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and to talk by the hour.”

This paper attempted to make Mr. Leo Castillo out like he is a lone voice, a single man with a cause. Yes, Mr. Castillo initiated the issue in this county, but the paper is misinformed that he is a lone wolf howling at the moon.

Mr. Castillo came first to his own county with expectations. He garnered nearly 600 petition signatures, most of which are voters; also within the same month he approached business owners in the county and a great deal more than what is listed on the website. These business owners believe also in the clarion echo. Some agreed to solicit for petition signatures at their place of business.

Mr. Castillo also managed to garner the attention and support of statewide and national organizations, such as the Oregon Firearms Federation, Gun Owners of America, the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Association for Gun Rights as well as, notable national names such as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sheriff Mack (sheriffmack.com), Chief of Police Mark Kessler (chiefkessler.com), and even our own Sheriff Boyd Rasmussen.

He is regularly a guest on local talk radio programs and nationally on the Katherine Albrect program. Many significant eyes are watching this county for the success of his efforts. 

And how does this paper treat the importance of this proposed ordinance? Oh yes, that’s right, the musings of a doubtful D.A., the county’s ‘top lawyer.” It’s too bad this paper’s journalism is so near-sighted that it loses grasp of the real story and its significance.

Mike Maguire

La Grande