Former dental assistant opens esthetics clinic

February 20, 2013 01:29 pm

Marcy Hamiltonís beecrowbee bath and body shop is in Joseph is open seven days a week. KATY NESBITT/The Observer
Marcy Hamiltonís beecrowbee bath and body shop is in Joseph is open seven days a week. KATY NESBITT/The Observer

by KATY NESBITT / The Observer 

Living rural doesn’t have to mean living without the luxuries of a city. Tucked into the beecrowbee bath and body shop on Joseph’s Main Street, a mini spa experience awaits.

Marcy Hamilton offers full waxing and facial treatments in her studio, permeated by the deliciously aromatic scents of Will Roundy’s hand-crafted soap making. A heated bed, dimmed lights and spa music complete the welcome as her clients find comfort in the indulgence of her practice. 

Hamilton worked as a chair-side dental assistant for many years where she helped assuage patients’ anxiety and created a calming atmosphere to “nurture them through their fears.”

Caring for people at such close range and desiring to be in business for herself, Hamilton enrolled in five months of esthetic course work in La Grande and followed it up with two months of intensive, post-graduate study in Oakland, Cal., before opening her clinic in beecrowbee.

She said before starting school she’d never had a facial, but now has definite ideas about processes and products. She found Eva’s Esthetics, the products she exclusively uses, through a friend.

“Eva’s Esthetics is a company run by women and uses essential oils and botanicals in it’s Tue’l line — exactly where I wanted to go with my practice.”

She said she continues her education through webinars and conferences so as to be in touch with the latest techniques and learn how the skin reacts to different products. 

Different people have different sensitivities and even allergies so she thoroughly screens clients to make sure she treats them without setting off a reaction.

Hamilton said the molecular structure of the skin is designed to protect the body so her job is to “trick” the skin into absorbing the products in a form the skin cells see as food.

“The skin is our largest organ and the health benefits of proper care are realized in body, mind and spirit,” said Hamilton.

After a facial, she said she educates her clients on the after-treatment home care of cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. She also talks about the importance of eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and eliminating stress — all things that show up on the skin, she said.

Before Hamilton entered into the world of chair-side care she worked with her husband, Marty, in their tree-care business, working outside, year-round, for 10 years. When not working, they enjoy being outdoors, especially the beaches of Wallowa Lake and even of Mexico for a few weeks in the winter. To counteract the sun and wind, she said she slathers on sunscreen, wears a hat and avoids the sun between 10 a.m. and
2 p.m.

After a lot of outdoor exposure, she recommends salt glow scrubs and body wraps to exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

“It’s nice to do seasonally, at the end of summer or winter,” said Hamilton.

She said seasonally the skin needs different treatments, but in Northeast Oregon the battle against bright sunny days and low humidity are common throughout a lot of the year. 

For a full spa experience, clients can have both a facial and a massage from Kelsey Lindsay, who runs her practice from beecrowbee as well.

“Clients can combine the two or bring a friend and swap between the two,” said Hamilton.

 beecrowbee is open seven days a week at 1 S. Main St. in Joseph and gift certificates are always available. To schedule an appointment, call 541-398-0759.