Relationships beneficial

By Observer editorial February 25, 2013 09:28 am

Crocodiles have plover birds that clean their teeth. Honey bees get pollen, and flowers get pollinated. Protozoans live inside termites and help them digest wood. 

All are examples of mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships. Such beneficial relationships can happen in the human world as well. Take the relationship that has developed between the Wallowa Lake Rural Fire Protection District and Walla Walla Community College. The relationship evolved through talks between Joseph Fire Chief Tom Clevenger and college President Steve VanAusdle, who owns a vacation home at the lake.

Last year, Joseph Fire gave a surplus engine to the college. In return, the college provided used folding chairs for the lake station and agreed that the college’s diesel mechanic program could take on service of Joseph’s engines when they need major work.

It just goes to show that doors can open in unusual ways, and it’s good to keep both eyes open for windows of opportunity.