Letters to the editor for February 27, 2013

By Observer Upload February 27, 2013 08:44 am



Film festival presents health care struggle

To the Editor:

The Eastern Oregon Film Festival (EOFF) is here this weekend.

The festival continues to impress me with great films, many with insights into our human nature. One film, “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” speaks to our struggle to take care of our families and neighbors as the costs of basic health care becomes unaffordable. The present healthcare system doesn’t work. It’s generating rivers of money that are flowing into very few pockets without positive health outcomes. 

We need a whole new kind of health system. The film is showing at 2:55 p.m. Saturday at the Granada Theater and will be followed by a panel discussion sponsored by Oregon Rural Action’s Health Care Reform Action Team.

Jim Kreider

La Grande




God’s new plan is asteroids, Feb.15 was His test run

To the Editor:

Is God losing patience?

After the flood, God spoke to Noah and promised never again to send the waters to destroy all mankind.

So this time around, He came up with a new plan: asteroids. That one which passed 17,000 feet above the Earth on Feb. 15 was His test run. Now He’s forming one that is so magnetic it will draw to itself all guns, bombs and even gun cabinets. As the asteroid passes by, every weapon will go flying into space and be whisked away forever.

Never mind the government confiscating your arms. God will get them unless you bury them at the bottom of the ocean with three tons of rocks on top. Better get working on it: God is losing patience.

Mary Cooke