Future of wrestling in doubt

February 27, 2013 09:17 am
With the high school wrestling season coming to a close this past weekend, it’s gotten me thinking about the future of the sport.

As many of you have read and heard, the International Olympic Committee has proposed dropping wrestling from the 2020 games. The committee is planning on meeting again in May to discuss this more, with a final decision expected to come in September.

This, of course, has a lot of people up in arms.

As it should.

Wrestling dates back thousands of years and was one of the sports in the first modern Olympics in 1896.

Dropping it from the 2020 games would hurt the future of the sport, no doubt. 

Kids who grow up playing football and baseball dream about playing in the World Series or the Super Bowl.

Kids who grow up wrestling dream about competing in the Olympics.

If the sport gets dropped, I fear that kids will lose interest in the sport all together.

Before I started covering wrestling as a sportswriter, I was never real familiar with the sport of wrestling. I played other sports growing up, and wrestling never piqued my interest.

I always knew it took a lot of hard work to be a wrestler. Only after I spent more time around the sport, however, did I realize how much character it builds.

I would recommend getting kids involved in the sport at as early an age as possible, as it will develop them into high-character individuals down the road.

Let’s hope the IOC takes this into consideration when they convene in May, and that we see wrestling at the 2020 games.