Letters to the editor for March 1, 2013

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Help is available to fund school security

To the Editor:

Like all Americans, I am very saddened by the shootings that have taken place in our country by a few mentally unstable people. While it is easy to simply blame it on an inanimate object like a firearm, the truth is that firearms cannot on their own cause harm to a human being. That must be done by a human. The fact is that government, both state and federal, has for more than 50 years ignored the mental health problems in this country and this is the result. 

School security for our children and teachers should be a top priority at this time, yet most school districts don’t have the money to do the training needed to make our schools secure. To their credit, a national organization has stepped forward and offered to professionally train the staff of any school district in our nation that would like them to do so. This organization trained our nation’s defense industries and military installations during World War II, and now is offering to do it for our school districts nationwide free of charge. Yes, they have stepped up and offered this program for every school district in the country and they will foot the bill for it. The organization that is willing to do this is the National Rifle Association.

There is an article in the February 2013 issue of American Rifleman in which they explain the program in detail. I will be happy to send a copy of this article to any school board that would like to see how they can protect their staff and our children without draining their school budget to do so. Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to J. R. Kauffman, P.O. Box 200,
La Grande OR 97850 and I will mail it to you.

J.R. Kauffman

La Grande




True American patriot watches, guards, protects

To the Editor:

To Union County Commissioners, Sirs,

Indifference is not an American patriot’s meal.

The successes we may have attained through the struggles in our lives is because we were not encumbered by the threat to our freedom. And when a threat did arise, we were not complacent. 

The American patriots quickly rose to the occasion. We modified our perspectives, rolled up our sleeves, re-crafted our talents in industry, business, education and we removed the “stones” at our feet to assure the road to the battle was clear of obstructions.

We enlisted the wise, we developed our skills, we became alert, studious and resolved. We would not let the threat to the struggle for our dreams be silenced. We did not “go quietly into the night.” Rather we pulled back the curtain of that night and let the power of light prevail.

Do you think that the American patriot will be silenced because we love our comforts? We know the consequences of mediocrity. We know the price. These clouds that are gathering are not unfamiliar to us. We dread the storm but do not shirk to prepare.

Already the enemy has placed its spies, already the enemy has breached our peace, already the enemy is encamping within our borders. Yes, we were lulled to nod at our watch, but we know the sound of the clarion’s call and are alerted. And we know what must be done.

Question is, are you the tooth that brings the ache? Or are you a tooth set strong in the jaws of righteousness?

Question is, will you be extracted? Or will you be strong for the bite? The true American patriot is not a dog that is docile in a time of warning and threat, but a pure-bred groomed to watch, guard and protect.

If the jackals howl, they expose their place, they expose their numbers. We already know their intent, which is “power is from the barrel of a gun.”

If that is their delight “Why would we accommodate.”

Protect the Second Amendment. Keep hold of your guns. And remove the “stones” at your feet. Keep your path clear.

That being said, we have children and we have grandchildren. Their future is in our hands now.

Will you be docile dogs with aching teeth or purebred American patriots?

Give us an ordinance for the battle.

Boast not in your resolution. It has no teeth.

Mike Maguire

La Grande