Letters to the editor for March 27, 2013

By Observer Upload March 27, 2013 09:11 am
Letters to the editor for March 27, 2013



Enhance quality of life to revitalize town

To the Editor:

I appreciated the informative article regarding Union County Economic Development Corporation (Observer, March 6). Our local economy impacts us all. I applaud the Observer’s coverage of this important issue. 

It appears that UCEDC has been struggling to recruit outside businesses to the La Grande Business and Technology Park and to the Baum Industrial Park. Apparently, a lot of time and energy has been expended, a lot of money has been spent and an impressive number of postcards (2,500) have been sent. 

For all this effort, the UCEDC has not attracted a single business. 

While I don’t know enough about the history or the finances of the two business parks to comment on the advisability of continuing these efforts, I would like to suggest that the vitality of our community depends on offering a quality of life that attracts creative, talented young people as much — if not more — than in recruiting established businesses. 

Quality of life — those things that attract creative young talent and energy — are typically clean water and air, participatory governance, safe and sustainable food systems, access to health care, diverse educational opportunities, art, music and other culture activities, outdoor recreation and natural beauty. 

If we were to safeguard and nurture these things, people — young people — would come to our community to live. And they would create their own livelihood — to the benefit of us all. 

The recent Eastern Oregon Film Festival is an inspiring example of just how home-grown talent and creativity can be an economic stimulus for the entire community. Events such as this enhance our quality of life and they are instrumental in attracting more creative talent (and commerce) to our Eastern Oregon towns. 

Consider: a vital, sustainable, economically sound community is most fundamentally one that can recruit — not business, but its own children back home. 

Teresa Brain

La Grande





Wind development is a boondoggle

To the Editor:

The recent article “Oregon in top 120 among wind energy” puts an undeserved positive spin on wind energy development which begs that the facts once again be stated.

Wind energy does not make sense for anyone but wind developers. Up to two-thirds of the value of a wind project may be derived from federal programs and tax subsidies, as the revenues from the sale of power may not be sufficient to pay for the project and operating costs. The total 2010 subsidies for wind energy exceeded the total for all the other conventional energy sources combined.

Wind power must be backed by almost 100 percent of other generation when wind fails. In most cases, this is by gas or coal. This means the true cost of relying on wind generation must also include the cost of a parallel back-up system to maintain a continuous supply of energy to meet the load when wind fails.

Wind power does not produce the reduction in greenhouse gases that promoters claim. Since coal and gas plants must continually ramp up and down as wind power output varies, their fuel consumption and emissions generally increase.

The amount of capital that generates one job in the renewable sector would generate 6.9 or 4.8 jobs in the industrial sector or elsewhere in the economy respectively. Every green job created destroys 2.2 jobs in other sectors of the economy due to redirected resources.

Industrial wind energy development is a boondoggle which must be stopped.

Linda Bond


Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley




Uninformed buffoons pen anti-gun bill

To the Editor:

In my “never-so-humble opinion,” the firearm-phobes have exceeded my wildest expectations. 

A group of simple-minded, uninformed buffoons have penned Oregon House Bill 3200. This bill, if made law, would outlaw the .22-caliber rifle given me on my 16th birthday in Los Angeles. 

Bill 3200 is so oppressive it does not stop with the “guns that look scary.” This bill makes most every gun ownership illegal. It seeks to make criminals out of those who refuse to accept the current metropolitan governmental whim. 

For some reason, an ever-expanding group of people choose to believe “whatever makes them feel good to believe.” The unrelenting “la la landers,” i.e., Oregon lawmakers, will force me to retire in Idaho. I am not alone in this. Unless Oregon lawmakers get a grip on why we choose or chose to live in Oregon, many people my age are taking or will take their retirement dollars elsewhere.

Robert Eytchison

La Grande