Recycling just got easier

By Observer editorial March 29, 2013 09:49 am

Recycling is nothing new. The first recycling center in the United States opened its doors in 1896, the same year the Ford Quadricycle, the first Ford vehicle ever developed, was completed, and the year William Jennings Bryan delivered his Cross of Gold speech at the Democratic National Convention and got nominated for President of the United States.

The three Rs then were reading, writing and arithmetic. Today they are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We do a lot more recycling now, 117 years later. And we have a lot more trash to turn into recycling treasure.

Oregon has been a leader nationwide in recycling, or “going  green,” and Northeast residents want to do their part. Thanks to City Garbage Service of La Grande expanding by 30 percent the types of plastic containers it will take for its recycling roller carts, recycling just got a little easier locally. People will be able to recycle more and sort less.

One reason more plastics can be recycled is rising oil prices. Yes, there is a bright light piercing through that dark cloud.  

This helps City Garbage Service — and the environment — because previously all the low-quality plastic went to the Baker Landfill southeast of Baker City, where City Garbage Service sends all its garbage. 

Now is a great time to redouble our efforts to recycle more. As the slogan goes, if you refuse to reuse it’s the earth you abuse. Recycling takes a little effort — but makes a big difference for the world.