Letters to the editor for March 29, 2013

By Observer Upload March 29, 2013 09:53 am
Letters to the editor for March 29, 2013



Mountie women make community proud

To the Editor:

My husband and I had the privilege of attending the NAIA national finals tournament in Sioux City, Iowa, earlier this month to watch our EOU women play basketball. What an experience.

Our young women did our college and community proud. On and off the court they were No. 1 ambassadors for their school and for the valley. They were in the same league for quality of play and talent as any other team there and could have easily been at the very top. The leadership of Coach Weissenfluh shows in every facet of the game.

We are so proud of them and hope the community is equally as proud. Go, Mounties!

Jackie & Dale De Long

Island City





There’s tangible proof of need to get rid of wolves

To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to the Professor Peter Maille article on wolves in the March 18 edition of the Observer.

I fail to see the connection between water rights and the program for wolf control. The argument that wolves boost tourism and improve riparian habitats is a weak one, certainly not proved.

Dead lambs and calves, half-consumed, are tangible proof of the need to get rid of wolves.

Oma Miller

Island City





OHV/ATV/bicycle/horse trail is great idea

To the Editor:

This is in response to Mary McCracken’s letter on March 22. I was a supporter of keeping the WURR (Wallowa Union Railroad) for a long time, but as Mary says, maybe it is time to remove it and sell the equipment and track, then invest those funds into some other forms of economic development in the area. 

I have often disagreed with Mary on many issues, but turning the rail line into a trail seems like a good investment for Northeast Oregon. Having an OHV/ATV/bicycle/horse trail to get from Elgin to Joseph has the potential of bringing the people who spend funds in our communities is a great idea. We visit Joseph and other points in Wallowa County often and this would give us another form of transportation to get there. It would be a economic boost to both ends of that trail. 

Bob Nelson






Dalton the best choice for OTEC board

To the Editor:

Doug Dalton is a very qualified candidate to represent our electric utility needs as a member of the OTEC Board of Directors.

Prior to returning to Eastern Oregon in 2003, Doug worked many years at Idaho Power Co. During that time, he gained extremely valuable executive skills in accounting, finance and management that have helped him to understand the intricacies of the electric utility industry.

His experience with Idaho Power, plus the last 3-1/2 years as chief financial officer at Baker School District 5J has given Doug an insight to the art of boardmanship.

Doug and his wife, Heidi, and their two daughters are strong, responsible citizens of Baker County. The Dalton family are very thoughtful and kind neighbors.

Please join us in voting for Doug Dalton to be a member of the OTEC Board of Directors. The OTEC ballots will be in the mail March 29.

Dale and Leslie Bingham





Health care cost study would benefit Oregon

To the Editor:

What is the cost of providing health care for everyone in Oregon?

“What would it cost?” is a question I often hear when people talk about providing universal health care in Oregon. Those asking have genuine concern and compassion about the hundreds of people whose deaths are associated with lack of health insurance in our state. (Ten Oregonians die every week from lack of health insurance.)

Oregonians want to change this but need to know how much it would cost.

To answer this question, Oregon needs a health care cost study – and now we have a chance to get one: HB 3260. On April 5, the Oregon House Health Care Committee will hold hearings on a study of health care financing options in Oregon. We need this study if Oregon wants to achieve effective health care reform.

With your help, Oregon can lead the way in providing health care to every Oregonian. 

Visit, call or write your state representative and senator. Tell them you want HB 3260 passed and you want it now. It’s easy. For names and contact information for your representative and senator, call 800-332-2313 or search http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/.

Bill Whitaker

La Grande