Brookings man leads police on chase through Elgin

By Observer Upload March 29, 2013 10:41 am

by Katy Nesbitt/The Observer

ELGIN — A car theft and high speed chase through Elgin Monday evening ended in an arrest and multiple felony charges.

Around 6 p.m. Monday, a supervisor at Boise Cascade called the Union County Sheriff’s Office when he spotted Jacob Shelton, 24, of Brookings trespassing on the site. 

UCSO Sgt. Nick Pallis said Cpl. Troy Pointer was in Elgin at the time of the call and responded to the scene. At the time, Pallis and Deputy John Sutton were on Hamburger Hill, just south of Elgin, investigating a field fire. Pallis, as senior officer, dispatched Sutton to back up Pointer at the mill.

“That’s when this man ran from Cpl. Pointer from Boise Cascade into a log home at Blue Mountain Log Homes across the street,” Pallis said. “While Pointer was looking for him, that’s when the diesel pickup started.” 

Pallis said the deputies pursued Shelton in the Dodge pickup pulling a trailer through the heart of Elgin.

“Witnesses said that he was driving at a very, very high rate of speed,” Pallis said. 

As Pointer and Sutton pursued Shelton through Elgin and east into the rural part of town, Pallis tried to head him off at Highway 82.

“I initially was following the other two deputies and was going to go out there to throw spikes when I heard on the radio Shelton went through 80 feet of fence into a field and was coming toward me,” Pallis said.

Unable to lay out the spikes before Shelton drove by, the deputies pursued him for three or four miles up Clark’s Creek Road to where the road turns from a county road to a narrow, steep and rocky Forest Service road where Shelton crossed a small, white bridge, Pallis said.

After a 20-minute pursuit, deputies were able to catch up with Shelton.

“Most of the time we were following him he was going 45 to 50 mph,” said Pallis. “His speed dropped down to about 20 and 15 mph where the road gets real steep. We could see he was having trouble and knew he was going to stall. That’s when he jackknifed the truck and trailer, jumped out and started running.”

Pallis said he chased him up the hill on foot and eventually got him down the hill with the assistance of Sutton.

All told five deputies and two Oregon State Police troopers assisted in the arrest.

“OSP sealed off all of his escape points. They were a big help and did a wonderful job,” Pallis said.

Shelton was arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. He is being held at the Union County Jail.

Pallis said the owner of the pickup and trailer thought that his vehicle had not been damaged in the chase.

The Union County’s Sheriff’s Office has served as Elgin’s law enforcement since the dissolution of the Elgin Police Department last May.