Time for spring cleaning

By Observer editorial April 03, 2013 09:04 am

Spring is in the air. Daffodils are blooming. Calves and lambs are cavorting in pastures. Birds are staking out territories, and golfers are dusting off the clubs. 

Still, amidst all this rebirth, a dark cloud hangs over many communities throughout the U.S. Social problems such as family breakdown and crime are running amok.

Northeast Oregon is not immune to such problems. We may never live in the all-American town depicted in the paintings of Norman Rockwell. But anyone who has a soft place in his heart for “The Four Freedoms,” “Rosie the Riveter” and “First Love” will aspire toward safe places to raise kids and, as it says the Declaration of Independence, pursue quality of life, liberty and happiness.

A starting place, for now, is something we can all do — spring cleaning. Think of what can be done if we multiply the work of one person by 13,000. Or 30,000, the combined population of Union and Wallowa counties. The incremental effect will be a more pleasant environment for us all.

Spring cleaning requires more time than money.  And after the winter doldrums, people are looking forward to catching up on their chore checklist. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, look around our homes and properties, and do some serious spring cleaning.

Good citizens not only spruce up their own homes. They also contribute to a cleaner, more attractive neighborhood.

A home is a reflection of personality, and a town is a reflection of its collective personality. By taking target on the winter grime, we’ll build on our area’s aesthetic appeal and gain a renewed sense of pride in our communities.