Letters to the editor for April 3, 2013

By Observer staff April 03, 2013 09:07 am
Letters to the editor for April 3, 2013



Experience makes Dalton clear choice

To the Editor:

I endorse Doug Dalton for the vacancy on the OTEC Board of Directors.

We are very fortunate to have an electrical cooperative in Union, Baker, Grant and Harney counties, keeping resources created in Oregon administered by citizens of Oregon, and not some multi-state or multi-national company. Our cooperative is a success in large part because of the determination, hard work and knowledge of the board of directors.

OTEC board members must be knowledgeable, experienced and competent.

Add to that integrity and hard work and you have Doug Dalton. He has previous experience as a chief financial officer, controller in the utility industry. That experience cannot be understated. His understanding and experience with utility companies gives him an edge as it eliminates the learning curve of any new board member. It is that type of experience that an OTEC director needs to be effective from the beginning.

I have worked with Doug in his role as chief financial officer of the Baker 5J School District. He was a sound money manager. When Doug told us what we could expect fiscally, we as a board were able to plan effectively because he was always so accurate in his predictions. When faced with a drastic and sudden shortfall in district revenues attributed to the recession, Doug led a fiscal restructuring of the district that had minimal impact on student learning time and class size. He will bring that financial knowledge along with his experience in the utility industry to the OTEC board to benefit all the members.

Doug has always exhibited the utmost integrity, honesty and directness. I trusted his advice completely. As the former school board chairman, my experience with Doug was that he was never one to “beat around the bush.” He had the enviable ability to see through multiple scenarios and provide appropriate analysis. In doing so, he was direct, gave us the facts, laid out our options and gave his recommendation — which always seemed to be our best choice.

I urge all OTEC members to vote for Doug Dalton for the board of directors.

Damien R. Yervasi

Baker City





Senators voted for Small Arms Treaty

To the Editor:

The United Nations Small Arms Treaty has been a concern for quite a period of time. It opens the door to criminalize private transfer of guns and ban the importation of firearms and ammunition. Many fine shotguns and hunting rifles are manufactured in other countries.

It would regulate individual gun ownership all across the world. Each country will be obligated to “maintain a national control list that shall include (rifles and handguns)” and “to regulate brokering taking place under its jurisdiction for conventional arms.” In fact, the new background check rules approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee include just those rules — a registration system and a record of all transfers of guns.

 Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., and Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., introduced a resolution in both houses of Congress that outlines their opposition to the treaty. Rep. Kelly stated, “We do have the right, to peaceably assemble, to petition the government, for a redress of grievances. We also have the right to our Second Amendment, which was enshrined by the Founders.” 

 The U.S. Senate voted on March 23, 2013, to approve the proposal introduced by Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., and Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa.   The purpose of this proposal was to uphold the Second Amendment rights and block the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.   

 However, it is of interest to note that both  Oregon senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley,  voted to allow this treaty to be imposed on the United States. After taking an oath to uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our two senators voted for ratification of this terrifying UN Small Arms Treaty.    Unbelievable! 

 To verify this information, go to www.senate.gov , select “vote” on the right hand side of the page, and click on #00091.

 Sen. Wyden is holding a town hall meeting Thursday, April 4, 10 a.m. at the La Grande High School auditorium. Please attend and let him know how you feel about his position on this issue.

Allen Hasel

La Grande





Vote Daugherty for OTEC board

To the Editor:

Those of us who are members of OTEC have received ballots that will include selecting someone to replace Peggi Timm, one of OTEC’s original founders and the first board president. 

Those are big shoes to fill. I will never forget when Peggi and others approached the Baker City Council with the idea of forming a cooperative to supply our local power needs. I thought then that it would be a nearly impossible task — but I underestimated Peggi’s ability and tenacity. She has contributed so much to our community in many different roles through the years. 

We owe her a great deal. Thank you, Peggi.

So who should we select to replace her? We have a very strong candidate in Randy Daugherty. We’ve done a lot of business with Randy over the years. We’ve worked with him and watched him serve our community as a local businessman, a member of the Budget Committee, a member of the Planning Commission and member of the Baker City Council. He is a man of integrity. He is fiscally conservative. He was born and raised in Baker City. He understands the needs of our communities better than any of the other candidates presented to us. He fully meets all the competencies established by the co-op for new members of the board of directors. Please join us in voting for Randy for OTEC Board Position 9.

Larry and Peggy Pearson

Baker City




Elect Chase to fill OTEC Position 9

To the Editor:

I’m asking all OTEC members to join me in electing Charlene Chase to fill Board Position 9. We need another woman to replace the remarkable OTEC founder, Peggi Timm. 

We are fortunate to have three good candidates for the position, but I’m supporting Charlene Chase as the candidate most deeply grounded in consumer and community values, as evidenced by her work as a CASA advocate and as chair of two local school boards. 

Charlene has the leadership experience, the time and the dedication we need to energetically represent us, as demonstrated by her initiative and follow-through to become a petition candidate, and her lifelong record of active public

Donna Landon

Baker City