Letters to the editor for April 10, 2013

By Observer Upload April 10, 2013 10:03 am
Letters to the editor for April 10, 2013



OTEC omits Dalton’s previous experience in profile

To the Editor:

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative inadvertently omitted the previous experience portion of Mr. Doug Dalton’s profile in the April issue of our Ruralite Magazine. Mr. Dalton’s previous experience portion as stated in his submitted candidate profile should have stated that he held positions of “executive vice president, chief financial officer and controller for Idacorp, Inc. — a subsidiary of Idaho Power Co., as well as IdaComm Inc., and IdaCorp Energy, Inc.”

As was stated in the April edition of Ruralite, OTEC has not independently verified the accuracy of any of the candidates’ profiles and submits this correction in order to remedy a clerical omission. Please see our website for complete candidate profiles as well as information on the annual meeting coming up on April 27 in La Grande. Our website is located at www.otecc.com.

Jim Horan

Communications and Government Affairs

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative





Chase would bring fresh perspective to OTEC board

To the Editor:

OTEC would benefit greatly by the election of Charlene Chase to its Board of Directors. Chase brings her proven organizational skills as a career administrator to the table and promises the full commitment of her time and energy to fulfilling this responsibility. 

She has successfully served on many boards over the years. Chase has a deep interest in serving OTEC’s membership and the goals of the cooperative’s administration. 

Charlene is an intelligent and experienced team player who would bring a strong creative energy to the board. If you haven’t voted, I urge you to seriously consider Chase as new blood and someone with a fresh perspective for the OTEC board, and cast your vote for her, as I

Aletha G. Bonebrake

Baker City





Arts play important role in economic development

To the Editor:

As director of ArtsEast, I would like to thank the La Grande City Council and Union County Board of Commissioners for inviting me to the Economic Summit on April 2. 

I appreciate the fact that as we begin the process of promoting our standard of living and economic health, arts and culture is viewed as a critical factor in the vitality of our community.

ArtsEast, which was founded in 1977 as the Eastern Oregon Regional Arts Council, has always been in the forefront of providing quality programs locally and region-wide, particularly in the field of arts education. Last year, our Community School of the Arts programs (a partnership with Eastern Oregon University) and Artist-in-Residency project (which serves the 10 Eastern Oregon counties) provided arts learning opportunities to more than 5,000 Oregonians; primarily children in rural schools.

We look forward to representing the arts and culture community as the exciting process of defining economic development efforts begin.

Deena Heath

La Grande





It’s time for us to re-think our health care system

To the Editor:

Health Care for All of Oregon is a plan to provide health care, everybody in, nobody out. Yes, we are talking about a single-payer health insurance system, sometimes called “ Medicare for All.” Some fear what is pejoratively referred to as “socialized medicine.” The term “socialized medicine” was invented by wealthy health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies. The lobbies wisely took advantage of our Cold War fear of Communism, to enhance their own business interests. 

We do not call our public school system “socialized education”; we do not call our police departments “socialized police”; we do not call our highway departments “socialized roads.” Perhaps we have been duped. It is time for us to re-think our health care system.

I believe that health care is a human right and that means every person should have access to health care. I do not believe we should be spending the highest sum spent by any industrialized nation for a health care system that does not cover every person … but does provide massive CEO salaries and shareholder profits.

Please look into the current Health Care for All of Oregon (HCAO.org), study the two related bills, HB 3260, an act to study costs of options for financing universal health care in Oregon and HB 2922, the Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Plan Act, and support this statewide effort to ensure health care for all.

Mary Rose Nichols






Daugherty would provide OTEC stability for the future

To the Editor:

The OTEC board needs a conservative leader with experience in the private sector. Randy Daugherty is that leader.

Randy was born and raised in Baker City and understands and believes in the values of the citizens of Eastern Oregon. Having served on the Baker City Council, Budget Board, Planning Commission, School District Efficiency Committee and countless other positions shows his dedication to the community. Never have I met anyone who serves his community so tirelessly than Randy Daugherty.

The recession has put a greater emphasis on having a candidate who understands how the economy works and someone who has actual business experience, something Randy Daugherty has. 

His 30 years’ worth of experience in the private sector gives him an insight no other candidate has. Managing a successful business celebrating its 100th anniversary this year shows his track record of success. Randy Daugherty is without doubt the best candidate for the OTEC board, providing stability for the future.

I strongly encourage you to vote for Randy Daugherty for OTEC position 9.

Kyle Knight

Baker City





Dalton well qualified to fill OTEC position 9

To the Editor:

I would like to urge everyone to vote for my great friend Doug Dalton. Several years ago, Doug was a student of mine at La Grande High School. He was an outstanding student and athlete. He continued on to graduate from college in accounting and became a CPA.

Doug has many years of executive and leadership experience. He has worked for many years, at the executive level, for a large utility. Doug is the right person and the best person to fill position 9 on the OTEC Board of Directors. I assure you that Doug will bring to the board the experience and expertise that will keep OTEC healthy and secure for us now and for generations to come.

Doug is by far my top choice; please make him yours too.

John C. Sprenger

La Grande




Chase should be given OTEC board responsibility

To the Editor:

As Peggi Timm retires from the board of the Oregon Trail Electric Consumers Cooperative it is our duty to consider her replacement. Charlene Chase has put herself forward as a candidate and should be given the responsibility. 

Charlene has declared her goals that would empower the members of the cooperative, take advantage of improved technology, use OTEC’s position as energy supplier to help economic development, balance OTEC’s operating costs and quality service, and make sure the public voice is heard. 

She is uniquely qualified to do all this with her fellow elected board members. Life experience is often more important than titles and in Charlene’s case it is proven true. 

She has a business and communications background, has been an administrative leader and has served in the education field.

Please vote for Charlene to join the OTEC board.

Rod Lewis

Baker City