Letters to the editor for April 12, 2013

By Observer Upload April 12, 2013 08:53 am
Letters to the editor for April 12, 2013



Self interests put ahead of interests of country

To the Editor:

All my life, I have been respectful of the opinions of others and polite to those I disagree with. When I meet someone who holds a view opposite that of my own, I think neither of us has the full story. I believe that, if all the facts are known, common sense and intelligence will lead to agreement. I am fully aware now that common sense and intelligence are rare commodities. Some people are just blindly stupid and believe everything they are told, hear or read, despite evidence which clearly shows this is false, misinterpreted or only partially true.

The prevailing political climate in this country, with many of our elected representatives putting their own, and their political party’s self interests ahead of the best interests of the country, has forced me to change my approach to disagreements with others. When I have raised problems with the current president’s policies, I am called a racist. My views on securing the border with Mexico, handling illegal immigration, gun control, job creation, unemployment, etc., are characterized as uninformed, racist or unintelligent. Although I have politely listened to their arguments, misrepresentation of facts and idiotic statements, I do not receive the same courtesy.

I have decided “enough is enough.” If my view differs from anyone on issues I consider important, including gun control, illegal immigration, job creation, etc., I will not consider their opposing views. I will not attempt to understand them. I will let them know that they are woefully ignorant and stupid to the point where it is a total waste of time to reason with them.

If this hurts their feelings, too bad. If, for instance, I feel that your view on the Second Amendment of the Constitution is wrong, I am going to let you know that you are an ignorant and uninformed traitor and undeserving of any of the protections afforded by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Likewise, on any other issues facing the country. If you don’t like it, tough. As stated previously, enough is enough.

Thos. J. Crooks





It takes a village to raise a film festival

To the Editor:

Eastern Oregon Film Festival is now in its fifth year and has proven itself to be a growing and beneficial cultural event for Union County. However, we can’t do it alone. 

EOFF provides a quality of life component to our valley that is essential in attracting visitors, professionals and businesses to the Grande Ronde Valley, in addition to stoking community passion for arts and culture. The band of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to bring this exciting, educational and dynamic weekend of independent film and music have already rolled up their sleeves in preparation for a landmark fifth year event to be held Feb. 20-22, 2014. It is time that our great Eastern Oregon communities do the same.

We cannot sustain the organization without support from the city, county and community. It is our intention to cultivate productive partnerships with the City of La Grande, Eastern Oregon University and Union County to ensure that we continue to invest in arts and culture experiences in our community. As evidenced by the far-reaching impact of successful film festivals around the world, a strong and sustainable EOFF greatly benefits the community financially and creatively.

There are numerous ways to get involved: Become a member of the 501c3 organization; sponsor the festival event; volunteer; become an annual partner; or become an angel supporter. If you share the vision for the potential of this organization, contact us about how you can help ensure its sustainability. 

Thank you to all who have helped make this amazing organization what it is today. We look forward to creating another wonderful year of film, music and good times in Union County. 

Christopher Jennings

La Grande