City preps for annual event

April 12, 2013 10:46 am

Yard sale, clean-up day scheduled later this month

by KELLY BLACK / Observer Correspondent 

COVE — Volunteers in Cove are prepping for their annual spring clean-up event, Cove Clean Up Day, that promotes proper disposal, recycling and reuse.

In an effort to keep Cove neighborhoods clean, area businesses, volunteers and the city of Cove work together to provide Cove residents with a way to dispose of or recycle hazardous or difficult to dispose of items.

“We provide a central drop-off site for solid waste, metal, appliances, tires, batteries and yard waste,” said Regina Kruse, chairperson of the Cove Clean Up Day committee.

Average collections from the event include 10 tons of metal, 14 tons of solid waste, 300 tires, 10 to 12 refrigerators or freezers and an assortment of batteries.

According to Kruse, each year the volume of refuse collected grew until 2011, when organizers saw a slight decrease.

“We believe this is an indication we are making a dent in cleaning up our community and encouraging people to properly dispose of, and recycle, unwanted items,” Kruse said.

At the drop-off site at City Hall, local businesses and heavy equipment operators will donate their time and equipment to work alongside volunteers, who will help unload trash from vehicles and sort it into designated bins. Volunteers plan to assist the elderly or those needing physical assistance, by providing a home pick-up service. 

The concept of reuse is also gaining traction in the community. 

Ten years ago, when Doug Kruse first volunteered at the clean-up day, he saw the need to promote reuse.

“We’d see really nice things in people’s trucks and trailers, to be thrown away,” he said.

Rather than throw them away, volunteers would set items in good condition aside. Those items would often be claimed by someone else in the community that found them useful. The idea of a yard sale was born.

“We can lessen the amount of tonnage we are sending to City Garbage and just filling the landfill with,” Doug Kruse said.

The citywide, two-day yard sale, sponsored by Cove Clean Up Day, will be held on April 19 and April 20 at Cove Christian Camp on Mill Creek Lane. 

“Residents are asked to donate yard sale items,” Doug Kruse said. “Specifically, those items intended for disposal during Cove Clean Up Day that still have ‘life’ left in them or could be used by someone else.”

Proceeds from the sale help cover costs associated with the clean-up day. Any usable leftover items are donated to charity.