Good will prevail

By Observer editorial April 18, 2013 12:35 pm

Monday’s Patriot Day bombing at the Boston Marathon shook nerves throughout the country, including those of us 3,000 miles away in Northeast Oregon.

The cowardly act, whether it was perpetrated by terrorists or just a sole madman, was despicable. At last report, three people had died and at least 150 were injured. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of the people injured, and to the city of Boston and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which was in the middle of a festive state holiday celebrating the patriots who helped establish America as a country where it is safe to pursue happiness.

The real tragedy, however, would be if Americans allowed such a cowardly act to keep them from enjoying the freedoms that make this country great. Watching the bombing over and over again has a way of fraying the nerves and causing people to wonder if it is safe to go to a major sporting event, or even outside.

Do we need to spend the rest of our days in constant vigilance? Jumping every time we hear a truck backfire? Afraid to leave our homes and possibly become a target?

The simple answer is no. If we do such things, the terrorists and the madmen of the world will have won.

Life goes on. Oklahoma City. Life goes on. 9-11. Life goes on. Sandy Hook Elementary.

We need to do everything we can to prevent tragedies, to make our schools, our federal buildings and our national landmarks and sporting events safe.

That done, we need to get out there and enjoy life, anyway. We need to smell the

The Boston tragedy is a nasty bump in the road. Now we need to drive on — and let good prevail.