Elgin wins state FBLA crown for 21st time

By Observer Upload April 23, 2013 08:24 am

The Elgin FBLA State contenders proudly won “Chapter of the Year” in their 2A school classification for the 21st time. (Courtesy photo)
The Elgin FBLA State contenders proudly won “Chapter of the Year” in their 2A school classification for the 21st time. (Courtesy photo)

by Trish Yerges/For The Observer

The Elgin, Imbler, La Grande and Union chapters of Future Business Leaders of America returned home with high placements from the State Business Leadership Conference held in Portland earlier this month.

The conference tests FBLA students’ knowledge and career skills in a variety of judged events.  The scores also include applications and events the students participated in during the school year.  Considering all scoring events, the judges then select the “FBLA Chapter of the Year” within each school classification.  

 “Elgin and Union are both 2A schools; Imbler is a 1A school and La Grande is a 4A school classification,” said Jennifer Teeter, Imbler’s FBLA adviser.

 “Elgin won first place ‘Chapter of the Year’ for 2A schools for the 21st (consecutive) year,” said Elgin’s FBLA adviser Peggy Anthony.  “A community parade met the Elgin High School FBLA team as it returned to town. The parade was organized by local firemen, the Elgin Stampeders and parents.”

Union High School ranked second place in “Chapter of the Year” for 2A schools, and Imbler High School enjoyed a successful year, earning second place in 1A schools, narrowly missing first place to the North Lake School District by only six points.

La Grande FBLA had 11 people place at state, said La Grande FBLA adviser Mark Carollo.

Union’s FBLA chapter won the “Gold Seal Award.” 

The Union High School FBLA chapter advisers are Teresa Stratton and retired educator Gayle Rickman, who established Union’s FBLA chapter in 1980.  

 Principal Carter Wells was very pleased with the FBLA student performances at the conference. “We have 11 that qualify for the nationals in Anaheim, Calif., at the end of June,” he said.

The FBLA National Convention will take place on June 27-30.


Elgin High School

First Place

Local Annual Business Report: Janel Chandler and Makenna Cox

Partnership with Business: Ty Bowen

FBLA Principles and Procedures: Theresa Smolkowski

March of Dimes Report: Aria Higgins

Digital Scrapbook: Aria Higgins

Chapter Website: Jake Burgess and Hannah Kimbel

Oregon FBLA Foundation Report: Miah Slater and Katie Witherspoon

Chapter Publicity Project (Website, Newsletter and Scrapbook)

Second Place

E-Business: Brian Collins and Nick Smolkowski

Digital Video Production: Ty Bowen, Seth Allen and Kira Becker

American Enterprise Project: Lena Johnson, Aria Higgins, Theresa Smolkowski

Electronic Career Portfolio: Janel Chandler

Spreadsheet Applications: Miah Slater

FBL: Makenna Cox

Chapter Newsletter: Brenna Blaylock

Third Place

FBL: Jordan Carrothers

Database Design and Applications: Ty Bowen

Fourth Place

Database Design and Application: Brian Collins

FBLA Principles and Procedures: Aria Higgins

Computer Applications: Janel Chandler

Business Literacy: Brenna Blaylock

Fifth Place

Website Design: Hannah Kimbel and Jake Burgess

Chapter Scrapbook: Melanie Nave

Sixth Place

Business Presentations: Miah Slater and Katie Witherspoon

Word Processing II: Hannah Kimbel

Business Financial Plan: Jesseka Collins

Seventh Place

Digital Design and Promotion: Hannah Mayer

Eighth Place

Computer Problem Solving: Nick Smolkowski

Word Processing I: Lena Johnson

Community Service Project: Melanie Nave and Drew Durbin

Ninth Place

Business Plan: Cheyenne VanDine and Brenna Blaylock

Business Procedures: Kira Becker

10th Place

Intro to Business: Cheyenne VanDine

Elgin’s Recognition Awards

Who’s Who of Oregon FBLA: Ty Bowen

Government Promotion Project: Theresa Smolkowski

Gold Seal Chapter

America Business Achievement Award: Ty Bowen

Leader Business Achievement Award:

Aria Higgins, Drew Durbin, Hannah Kimbel, Jacob Burgess, Janel Chandler, Lena Johnson, Makenna Cox, Melanie Nave, Miah Slater, Theresa Smolkowski

Business Achievement Award: Brenna Blaylock, Hannah Mayer, Jesseka Collins, Jessica Stein, Katlyn Witherspoon, Miah Slater, Nicholas Smolkowski, Seth Allen

Future Achievement Award: Ashley Witherspoon, Bottger Jessie, Brenna Blaylock, Brian Collins, Cheyenne VanDine, Gage Little, Gavin Christianson, Jaydon McKay, Jessica Stein, Katelyn Harris, Katlyn Witherspoon, Kira R. Becker, Kylee Leypoldt, Nicholas Smolkowski, Shaylnn Davidson, Ty Hook

National Business Honor Roll: Aria Higgins, Hannah Kimbel, Jake Burgess, Janel Chandler, Jessie Bottger, Lena Johnson, Miah Slater, Theresa Smolkowski, Ty Bowen

Imbler High School’s FBLA came home winners of the “Gold Seal Chapter” and second place “Chapter of the Year”, fourth place “Chapter Publicity Award” and the Government Promotion Project award at the State conference.

Recognition Awards: State Champion for “Who’s Who in FBLA” - Jaden Bales

State Champions in Marketing - Jaden Bales and Nic Allstott

Imbler High School

Third Place

Personal Finance:  Nic Allstott

American Enterprise Project: Garrett Smith, Gavin Eddy, Emily Faulk, December Eddy and McKinely Bradshaw

Banking and Financial System: Jacey Teeter, Maddy Lease and Jessica McDaniel

Fourth Place

Public Speaking I: Hailey Bingaman

Fifth Place

Chapter Newsletter: Kyle Johnson, Garrett Bigej and Eli Bowers

Community Service Project: Ally Fullerton, Maddy Bigej and Kristen Allstott

Impromptu Speaking: Emily Faulk

Sixth Place

Intro to Tech Concepts:  Bobby Askins

Business Calculations: Daniel Allen

Seventh Place

Local Chapter Annual Business Report: Maddy Lease, Nic Allstott and Jordan Coreson

March of Dimes: Jessica Wyland, Malia Mills and Danika McIntosh

Chapter Website: Jessica McDaniel

Intro to Business Communication: Kristen Allstott

Eighth Place

Business Math: Daniel Allen

Chapter Scrapbook: Maddy Lease, Jacey Teeter and Emma Bowers

Impromptu Speaking: Gavin Eddy

Ninth Place

Computer Applications: Ryan Mullarkey

Intro to Parli Pro:  Emma Bowers

10th Place

Business Procedures: Riley Kretschmer

Emerging Business Issues: Gary Combe and Luke Silbernagel


Third Place

Management Decision Making: Craig Hopper and Brandon Cederholm

Sixth Place

Spreadsheet Application: Tyler Tierce 

Seventh Place

Global Business: Paige Laci and Morgan Millican 

Eighth Place

Global Business: Darby Hill and Taite Haynes

Ninth Place

Management Decision Making: Lilly Page and Denis Comfort 

10th Place

Accounting I : Georgia Larvik 

Personal Finance: Craig Hopper 

Union High School

First Place

Business Literacy: Emma Sheehy*

Job Interview: Daniel Colton*

Help Desk: Trevor Verhelst*

Second Place

Business Literacy: Cheyenne Pulsipher

FBLA Principles and Procedures: Maggie Sheehy*

Intro to Parli Pro: Landon Houck*

Computer Game Simulation and Programming: Chris Ross, Riley Sheehy and Austin Nash*

Help Desk: Scott Yeager*

Third Place

Cyber Security: Riley Sheehy*

Hospitality Management: Landon Houck*

Intro to Parli Pro: J.D. Graves*

Electronic Career Portfolio: Brooke Stewart

Local Annual Chapter Business Report: Maggie Sheehy

Public Speaking One: Maggie Sheehy

Fourth Place

Digital Design and Promotion: Cortin Nowak and Harris Lackey

Fifth Place

Electronic Career Portfolio: Kelsey Walenta

Management Decision Making: Keesha Sarman, Travis Rhyne and Landon Houck

Sixth Place

Business Literacy: Katrina Richards

FBLA Principles and Procedures: Cheyenne Pulsipher

Intro to Parli Pro: Chase Stewart

Seventh Place

Cyber Security: Jason Lineback

Community Service: Elena Baird and Brooke Stewart

Client Service: Courtney Rynearson

Chapter Scrapbook: Courtney Rynearson

Eighth Place

Business Procedures: Maddie Martens

FBLA Principles and Procedures: Ryann Alexander

Intro to Parli Pro: Jordan Alexander

Digital Design and Promotion: Elly Wells, Chase Stewart and Jaiden Wright

Emerging Business Issues: Emma Sheehy, Viki McCabe and Sarah Good;

10th Place

Management Decision Making: J.D. Graves and Jordan Alexander

*Denotes National Qualifier