Gifts boost EOU

By Observer editorial May 09, 2013 08:05 am
In 2014, the EOU Foundation will celebrate 50 years of promoting higher education in Eastern Oregon.

With costs escalating for students, the EOU Foundation has become more important than ever. The foundation’s privately-funded scholarships provide more than $350,000 each year so Eastern Oregon University students can turn their educational dreams to reality. 

Funds raised from private gifts, like the one Charles and Rhoda Chollet made posthumously to Eastern, help ensure an excellent education, small classes in a human-scale school, not a factory outlet, and top quality facilities.

The couple has donated, via their estate, $934,000 to the EOU Foundation. The donation is the third largest Eastern has received. The money will be used to provide scholarships for students in need.

The Chollets and people like them are major supporters of the educational process. They realize the doors a quality education can open.