Scott denied change of venue

May 10, 2013 10:37 am
Ed Scott of Lostine, charged with 43 counts of animal neglect, was denied a change of venue in Wallowa County Circuit Court Wednesday.

Scott’s attorney, Geordie Duckler of Tigard, said Scott would not receive a fair and impartial trial because of local newspaper and radio stories.

“If this was a large jurisdiction like Multnomah or Washington County, it would be different, but since this is such a small county, anyone in your pool will have heard the news article,” Duckler said. “I don’t care where it’s changed, but outside the bounds of Wallowa County. I don’t want a jury that’s heard anything.”

District Attorney Mona Williams said she didn’t think the recent publicity would have much influence in a trial that won’t be scheduled until after September.

“Duckler says he doesn’t want anything that would taint the jury, but it’s a long time until it goes to trial. It’s not the first time a trial has had media coverage in the county,” she said.