La Grande has 2 new additions

By Dick Mason, The Observer May 22, 2013 05:43 am


The La Grande School Board will soon have two new additions — Dayneen Koopman and Chris Woodworth.



Koopman and Woodworth emerged as winners in contested races for positions on the La Grande School Board Tuesday.

Woodworth beat incumbent Robin Maille in the race for the Zone 3, Position 5 spot on the school board, and Koopman defeated Mike Gekas to win the board’s Zone 3, Position 4 berth.




Woodworth and Koopman were among the Union

 County winners in a mail election marked by a low 24.5-percent turnout. The participation rate was just below the 25-percent mark that Union County Clerk Robin Church had anticipated. Still, she found it disappointing. 





“I always want the turnout to be 60 to 75 percent,’’ Church said. “Voting is such a wonderful right and privilege. It is a chance to truly be a voice.’’

In the La Grande race for the Zone 3, Position 5 berth, Woodworth received 1,036 votes to Maille’s 857, a 54.58 to 45.15 percent margin. Maille has served on the La Grande School Board since September when she was appointed to fill a vacancy created by a resignation. 

Koopman defeated Gekas, 59.21 percent to 40.10 percent. Koopman garnered 1,032 votes to Gekas’ 699. Koopman will succeed John Sprenger, who did not file for re-election. 

“I’m excited and a little surprised,” Koopman said.

Koopman said she entered the race after being encouraged by her sisters, Susie Cederholm and Linda Lyman, both of La Grande. Cederholm and Lyman both called Koopman on Tuesday night the moment they found out she had won.

“They seemed excited, that warmed my heart,” Koopman said.

The Cove School Board also had two contested races, with incumbent Brett Moore and Scott Spears emerging victorious.

Moore beat Vernon Rush, 210-82, in the race for Position 4. Moore is completing his eighth year on the Cove School Board. 

Spears defeated Monica Hill in the race for Position 3, 190-107. Spears will succeed incumbent Tim DelCurto, who did not file for re-election.

The race for Position 1 on the Elgin School Board was won by Twila Ivins, who beat Dee Mackie 343-88. 

“I’m excited. I’m looking forward to the new adventure. I’m excited about staying connected to the school system,” Ivins said.

Ivins will succeed Misti McClure. McClure could not run for re-election for her berth because it is an in-city position and she has moved outside the city limits. McClure, who still resides in the Elgin School District, can complete her term, which expires June 30.

On the Union School Board front, Phillip O’Reilly won a three-way race for Position 3. O’Reilly received 222 votes to 118 for Lori Baird and 107 for Kathryn Kirby. O’Reilly will succeed Ron Bruce, who did not file for re-election.