EOU takes stand against tobacco

By Observer editorial May 30, 2013 01:00 pm
Blame the state’s head doctor, Gov. John Kitzhaber, who is leading the charge against tobacco use in state facilities.

Not everyone, though, will be excited about Eastern Oregon University making its campus smoke and tobacco free as of Sept. 15.

All state-owned properties are required to implement similar policies by 2014.

But EOU being an education institution, it’s the right thing to do. And with all the squawking about the high cost of health care recently, it’s only fitting that the campus is going cold turkey.

The T-shirts and posters now circulating at  EOU are particularly apropos. One slogan that really hits home is, EOU Kicks Butt & Chew Too.

The policy will extend to include all campus buildings, property and grounds.

There are many reasons to quit using tobacco. Smoking and chewing carry serious health risks. When used over a long period, tobacco and related chemicals such as tar and nicotine can increase risk of many health problems.

People can smoke or chew if they want, but people should not have to put up with secondhand smoke. And an educational institution needs to lead the charge for health and well being.