Lostine native fills administrative assistant post

May 30, 2013 01:04 pm

Lacey McQuead is the City of Enterprise’s new administrative assistant. (Katy Nesbitt/The Observer)
Lacey McQuead is the City of Enterprise’s new administrative assistant. (Katy Nesbitt/The Observer)

After more than 20 years, there’s a new face at the Enterprise city office. Lacey McQuead replaced longtime Administrative Assistant Janet Livingston this spring and is settling in quite well.

McQuead handles all of the utility billing, accounts receivable, and payroll for the city, which employees about 14 full-time positions.

“Janet was an amazing person to train me; she knows the ins and out of the city like no one else. She told me it took her 20 years to learn everything there is to know about this job and she said she’d check on me in 20 years to see if I had the same experience,” McQuead said.

Much of McQuead’s time is focused on managing the city’s sewer and water accounts. In recent months, she said
more accounts have come on

“We have a lot of new water accounts,” McQuead said. “More houses are being sold — many that have been closed down. It really picked up this spring and it’s nice to see that change.”

Some of her time is taken up by something that might be lumped under the heading, “duties as assigned” when she answers tourists’ questions.

“We get a lot of phone calls, many asking about the former Best Western hotel,” said McQuead. The hotel is one of the biggest in the county and has been closed since last fall due to foreclosure proceedings.

Born and raised in Lostine, McQuead said she and her family recently moved to Enterprise to ease commuting and getting her children to their extracurricular activities including T-ball, which she coaches.

“With my kids all in school, I couldn’t pass up a job like this in Wallowa County,” McQuead

City Administrator Michele Young said McQuead was one of 36 applicants for the job and is keeping up with day-to-day tasks, providing support services to the city’s various departments and helping with special projects.

“We’re very happy to have her. She’s familiar with the people and the county — and she’s running circles around me,” Young said.