Letters to the editor for May 31, 2013

By Observer Upload May 31, 2013 10:52 am
Letters to the editor for May 31, 2013

Community support boosts ReStore

To the Editor:

Over the last 5-1/2 years the community support for Grande Ronde Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore outlet has continued to grow. This success is straining our capacity, and we are in great need of additional volunteers to keep up with this growth. 

Most people, when they think of volunteering for Habitat, think about building a house. While we use volunteers to build houses, the community sometimes forgets that we rely on volunteers to help staff our Restore. The Restore is the major fundraising source for building Habitat homes. Therefore, remembering that one can help us out by volunteering at the ReStore is just as important as hammering nails. We can always use more of both. 

Volunteering at the ReStore provides an opportunity to meet many friends and make new ones. You will also feel secure in the knowledge that your efforts are going to support families in your community.  You can volunteer for a day or an hour or anything in between. The ReStore schedule is flexible enough to accompany your needs and interests. You can wait on customers, help stock store shelves or when possible, help with pick-ups and deliveries. 

If a church group or an organization would like to take responsibility for covering a time slot, be it once a week or once a month or something in between, we can accommodate these arrangements. In addition to organizations, our community is blessed with many healthy retired individuals who can make a significant contribution and find great personal satisfaction in the process. 

To volunteer or find out more about volunteering, visit our website, www.habitat-unioncouty.org, stop by the ReStore at 2304 E. R Ave.,
La Grande (across from McDonalds) or contact Cindy by phone at 541-963-2414. 

David B. Still

Grande Ronde Valley
Habitat for Humanity

Senior hunger
is hidden problem

To the Editor:

Senior hunger is a serious problem, but often is hidden. So, for Older Americans Month, we’re working hard to expose it. It could be happening to an important person in your life and you may not even know it. Grandparents choosing between their medication, buying groceries or passing up meals to pay the mortgage. 

The reality of senior hunger is truly startling. After a lifetime of contributing to our society, too many seniors are spending their golden years worrying about where to find their next meal. They have made it through the Depression with little to nothing and are continuing to survive with many times less than the bare necessities.  

Lots of older Americans live on fixed incomes that force them to make tough choices about how to spend their money — and filling their pantries most often is at the end of the list. A home and medication costs force them to make really difficult choices.   

You can help today ease the burden for a senior in Union County struggling to afford meals. Donate to the senior center to our meal programs, which helps seniors get a hot, nutritious meal. Many times it is the only meal they eat in one day. 

There are many seniors who won’t ask for help. They would rather do without, and that is just not right. 

You can make a difference for many. Join our monthly sustainer program to help the senior center maintain meals for low-income seniors. With the funding cuts on the horizon for senior programs, we have to turn to the community to help us help others. Please contact us today to make your donation. You have the opportunity to do something profound, something you can feel good about and something that will continue to make you feel good. The gift of hot, nutritious food is something that a vulnerable senior should never have to worry about. Please contact us today to find out how you can help seniors in Union County. 

Carmen Gentry

Union County
Senior Center manager