District to cut one teaching position

By Dick Mason, The Observer June 07, 2013 10:26 am
POWDER VALLEY — The North Powder School Board is considering adopting a 2013-14 budget that calls for one full-time teaching position to be cut.

The North Powder School District’s budget committee is recommending that the school board adopt a general fund 2013-14 spending plan of $3.086 million, $60,000 less than its current year’s budget.

“It is a tight budget, but it is solid,” said North Powder School District Superintendent Lance Dixon.

The proposed budget calls for one elementary school teaching position to be cut.

Losing the teaching position will not impact the student-to-teacher ratio at North Powder Elementary.

“Our class sizes will not increase,” Dixon said.

The reason is that one of the North Powder School District’s two Title I teachers would be switched to a classroom teaching position. Title I teachers at North Powder provide specialized instruction to students
who need assistance with reading.

The specialized needs of students will continue to be addressed despite the loss of a Title I teacher. One reason is that the school district has received a $7,000 grant for a Response To Intervention program. 

Through the RTI program, classroom teachers will receive training that will help them better identify the strengths and needs of students. This will help teachers to identify and address the needs of students more effectively. 

“All teachers will be involved in identifying needs,” Dixon said.

In March, when it was learned that a big portion of North Powder’s small schools correction funding would be lost, the district cut 3-1/2 classified staff positions and a full-time teaching position. The classified staff cuts took effect in March, and the teaching position cut became effective April 18.

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