Letters to the editor for June 12, 2013

By Observer Upload June 12, 2013 10:32 am
Letters to the editor for June 12, 2013

Emperor sinking into deep mire of scandal

To the Editor:

Attention, all ye who worship the Emperor. He is sinking into deep mire as one after another scandal surfaces. We, the unloved conservatives, tried to warn that his “change” was a cover word for “socialism.” As far as I, a lowly peasant, can tell he is doing all within his power to drag us down that rosy path to “total equality,” where some are more equal than others.

Now the IRS scandal that he knew nothing about until he was informed by television news, would help drag us down that primrose path by making life difficult for conservatives. Wow. Just think, a nation of only liberals, extreme lefties, socialists and their ilk. Imagine, a country without choice and we would have the glories of “pure progressivism,” which is just another cover word for socialism — and, of course, the end product of which is total “collectivism” or “communism.” 

Can I prove any of the above? Most likely not. But can the reader offer any proof that what I have stated is not the road we seem to be travelling. I hope someone can because I dread where we seem to be headed.

It may seem a bit “corny” to some, but I am very pleased with that wonderful Ol’ Constitution. Those of us who served in the military all took a solemn oath to uphold that blessed document that has made America the most wonderful, powerful and God-blessed nation in the world. I am sure that most of the aforementioned did not take their oath to America lightly and, like me, are shocked to see the Constitution and Bill of Rights being dragged through the mud, not only in the murky halls of Congress but even more so in the administration, and that glorious institution, the IRS. God help America.

Stormy Burns


Obama Care leaves some uninsured

To the Editor:

Some 274,000 Oregonians will continue to lack health insurance after the Affordable Care Act (“Obama Care”) is implemented in 2016. A study by researchers at the Harvard Medical School and the City University of New York School of Public Health released June 6 concluded that 30 million people in the United States will remain uninsured after implementation of Obama Care. 

Eighty-one percent of the uninsured will be U.S. citizens, and white persons of all ethnicities will make up 74 percent. Fifty-nine percent of the uninsured will have incomes between 100 percent and 399 percent of poverty, and 27 percent will have below poverty incomes. 

There are currently 532,000 uninsured Oregonians. More than half will still lack insurance after Obama Care is implemented. Much of the drop in numbers of uninsured Oregonians is a result of Oregon expanding Medicaid. If Oregon had opted out of expanded Medicaid, many more of our friends, neighbors and family members would be uninsured.

In addition to leaving thousands of Oregonians uninsured, Obama Care does little to control skyrocketing costs of health insurance.

Oregon needs a health care cost study and, fortunately, has the chance to get one. HB  3260, a study of health care financing options in Oregon, was passed unanimously with bi-partisan support by the Oregon House Health Care Committee and is now in the Ways and Means Committee. It is expected to go soon to the House and Senate for discussion and votes.

HB 3260 authorizes the Oregon Health Authority to commission a study of four options for financing health care for every Oregonian —implementing and expanding the Affordable Care Act, adding a public option in the state insurance exchange, implementing statewide single-payer health care and a forth option to be chosen by the Legislature.

The current health care funding system is broken and must be repaired or replaced. If health insurance costs continue to increase at current rates, soon none of us will be able to afford coverage. HB 3260 is the first step in identifying the changes we need.

Bill Whitaker

La Grande