Letters to the editor for June 17, 2013

By Observer Upload June 17, 2013 10:35 am
Letters to the editor for June 17, 2013

Congress should pass egg products inspection bill

To the Editor:

When I was a kid in the 50’s one of my summer jobs was taking care of the chickens at my grandparents’ farm – we had over a 100 free-range Rhode Island Reds. Every year, one chicken would “adopt” me, following me back to the house, roosting on a porch chair, leaving an egg behind. I like chickens, they have personalities and odd habits. Most folks who keep chickens will I think agree with me there.

The deal with these chickens was that we would feed and shelter them, and in return they’d lay eggs – and at the end of their time we, or someone, would eat ‘em. If they didn’t like it, they could always fly the roost, and some did.

Factory farmers don’t abide by this deal when they incarcerate their chickens in tiny cages where they can’t even spread their wings, where they never “roam” at all, never ever. This is unfair and frankly shameful and I would rather it didn’t happen

That’s why I’m pleased that a bill, The Egg Products Inspection Act, also known as H.R. 1731, has been introduced in Congress. This would create standards for egg production across the industry. Unfortunately it doesn’t go so far as to require room to roam, but it will vastly improve the conditions for the tens of millions of birds now suffering in these little cages. I strongly urge Congressman Walden to support this bill, and I hope you, his constituents, will do the same.

Wally Sykes