Better late than never: Here comes summer

By Dick Mason, The Observer June 26, 2013 10:14 am

Don Junker of Complete Yard Care mows a lawn in  La Grande on Tuesday morning. (Chris Baxter/The Observer)
Don Junker of Complete Yard Care mows a lawn in La Grande on Tuesday morning. (Chris Baxter/The Observer)

Temperatures to rise over the next few days 

Northeast Oregon is about to heat up almost as quickly as a microwave oven.

The cold, rainy weather the region has experienced since last week will continue through today but will vanish Thursday. A high of 86 degrees is forecast for Union County and one of 82 degrees is projected for Wallowa County by the National Weather Service. 

The high temperature in the Grande Ronde Valley should hit 90 degrees on Friday and is expected to climb into the mid 90s by Sunday, according to Mike Vescio, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pendleton.

Don Junker, the owner of Complete Yard Care, which does extensive yard work in the La Grande area, will welcome the warm, dry weather. Junker said that the current round of cool, moist weather has made his work

“It puts you behind. You fight through it to stay on schedule,” Junker said.

Junker said that if people in his line of work do not work hard when the weather is bad, they run the risk of seeing their workload double when good weather hits.

Dave and Teckla Cline, the owners of the Cove Warm Springs Pool, will also be happy to see warm weather hit. Teckla Cline said the cool weather has hurt business since the Cove Warm Springs Pool opened in mid June.

“(Pool activity) has been extremely slow,” she said. 

Cline is looking forward to July and its traditionally high temperatures.

“July is always our best month,” she said. “The hotter the weather the better our business.”

Pool traffic is always good when the temperatures begin soaring into the 90s.

“When it is 90 degrees, people have to come (to the pool) and cool off,” Teckla Cline said.

The abrupt weather change being forecast is not a common occurrence, Vescio said.

“It is somewhat unusual for cold, wet weather to transition this quickly,” Vescio said. “It is a rather quick transition.”

A ridge of high pressure from the southern Rocky Mountains will be pushing warm air into Northeast Oregon, causing the warm temperatures, Vescio said. 

“The result will be increasing temperatures and clear skies,” Vescio said. 

The unseasonably cool and wet weather the region has experienced in recent days has been caused by a low pressure system, which will be moving into Western Oregon, Vescio said.

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