Letters to the editor for July 5, 2013

By Observer Upload July 05, 2013 11:09 am
Letters to the editor for July 5, 2013

Who gives ODFW authority
to introduce foreign species?

To the Editor:

Who gives ODFW the authority to introduce an extremely dangerous foreign species into Phillips Reservoir?

Isn’t it a violation of EPA federal regulations?

In Hawaii, the Fish and Game people introduced dozens of mongooses to kill the overpopulation of rats. The mongooses hunted in the daytime, the rats were out at night, so the mongoose population exploded and the mongooses killed off the bird population, not to mention the small pets of the people of Hawaii.

That is why the EPA exists, and the federal regulations the EPA enforces exist. I am not going to say that two wrongs don’t make a right, that if the perch were illegally introduced into Phillips Reservoir, it is OK now for the tiger muskies to have been illegally introduced into Phillips Reservoir. I am not going to say that.

But I am saying that a federal criminal investigation must be initiated to look into this stocking of Phillips Reservoir with more than 25,000 tiger muskies, ODFW themselves saying that these vicious predators will kill the trout in the reservoir, as well as other fish besides the perch they are supposed to kill.

I believe the ODFW agents that stocked Phillips Reservoir with the tiger muskies, before having public hearings and making public its EPA compliance and documentation, should be arrested and criminally tried in a federal court of law for violation of EPA regulations.

Nicholas L. Smith

La Grande

Swimming lessons can save the lives of our youth

To the Editor:

At least three people drowned in Oregon rivers last weekend. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4. 

Teaching a child to swim could save his or her life.  

If you are a parent or grandparent, please make sure your young ones learn how to swim. The La Grande public pool offers swim lessons year-round and has scholarships to teach needy kids how to swim.  

The La Grande Sprint Triathlon held in August helps to raise funds for swimming lesson scholarships, so support this event if you can.  

The Elgin community pool also offers swim lessons. 

Watch young children carefully. Use life vests in boats and for non-swimmers whenever you are around water. Give your children swim lessons. These could be the most important things you do for a child.

Corrine Dutto

La Grande