Richardson announces plans to run for governor

July 24, 2013 06:50 am

State Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point, announced Wednesday he will seek the Republican gubernatorial nomination for the May Primary election leading up to the November 2014 General election.

"After serving more than 10 years in the Oregon Legislature, I believe Oregonians deserve a leader who understands our state has the capability and the resources needed to ensure our families thrive and future generations have the opportunities they need to be successful,” Richardson said. “I would be honored to serve the State of Oregon as our next governor.”

Richardson, 63, is a resident of Central Point and has run a successful law practice for 30 years. 

"We need a leader who understands that creating an economic environment where small businesses and young entrepreneurs can flourish will lead to family-wage jobs, a world-class education for our students, and sensible programs to help our most vulnerable citizens,” Richardson said. “It's time to change Oregon's course. It's time we start serving the people of Oregon better. We are stronger when we work together."

Richardson noted that as governor, his key focuses will be working to reduce the unemployment rate that has been stagnant since the recession; increasing educational outcomes for Oregon’s students; and creating solutions to the growing needs of Oregon’s senior citizens and veteran community.

Richardson and his wife, Cathy, plan to travel across Oregon later this fall to meet with voters throughout the state.