Annual fair showcases county’s best

By Observer Upload August 02, 2013 10:36 am
It’s said a sense of community seems to be lacking in the modern world.

A visit to the Union County Fair proves otherwise, at least locally. More than 15,000 people are expected to attend the fair, which wraps up Saturday night. It’s probably the biggest crowd to gather in the county all year long, and it is a chance to celebrate the harvest and the peak of summer.

The sense of community permeates the air along with the special aromas of sawdust, hot dogs, cotton candy, flowers, canning and preserves and all sorts of animals from dairy cattle and dairy goats to horses, rabbits and swine.

The fair is a great showcase of the accomplishments of local FFA and 4-H programs. It’s a testing ground and launching board for completing projects and turning young people into leading citizens of the community.

But it’s not just about youth. You’ll also see the best of the best from crafters, bakers and other talented folks.

Visitors to the fair will see the best of the best from photography to quilting, from cooking to poultry, that Union County has to offer.

The fair is not going away. This year alone, there are new ticket booths, improvements to the 4-H building to make it a year-round facility available for weddings, reunions and other events, and a new RV area. 

The fair is also a great place to renew old acquaintances and get to know new friends and neighbors.

Whether your idea of fun is the carnival with its twirling rides or music by homegrown talent such as Nicole Lewis and her band, the fair offers lots of possibilities for fun.

Involved citizens make the fair and junior auction happen. A lot of great people and businesses
contribute to make the fair the biggest gathering of the year in the county.

The fair is an important part of American culture, from Oregon to Ohio. E.B. White even wrote about county fairs in the classic book “Charlotte’s Web,” showing what an important part of Americana the fairs are and how important they are to the vibrancy of local communities. 

Summer rushes by in a hurry. If you have never been to the Union County Fair, by all means give it a try this Saturday and see the fruits of a lot of people’s labors. And if you have gone before, go back again and enjoy all the fair has to offer.