Water supply getting better

August 16, 2013 10:30 am
BAKER CITY — Fifteen of 16 samples of Baker City water collected on Aug. 10 and 11 were free of cryptosporidium oocysts, according to results the city posted Thursday on its website.

One sample, taken on Aug. 10 from Little Mill Creek, contained one oocyst.

Two of the oocyst-free samples were taken at the city’s reservoir, where water from several streams is combined.

Five other samples, all free of oocysts, were taken from the city’s distribution system inside the city — two samples from the Baker County Courthouse, two from a property on Lund Lane and one from a property on Birch Street.

As of now the boil order that’s been in place since July 31 remains in effect, but city officials will be talking with the state’s Drinking Water Services program about the situation.

The city has not had further tests done on water from Elk Creek since a sample taken from that stream on Aug. 4 contained 913 oocysts.

The city has not used any Elk Creek water since Aug. 7, the day the results from the Aug. 4 sample arrived.

The city is not using water from Little Mill Creek, either.