Letters to the editor for Aug. 19, 2013

By Observer Upload August 19, 2013 11:23 am

 Letters to the editor for Aug. 19, 2013

To the Editor:

“Cover Oregon,” the new marketplace for health insurance, has made the national media for its clever ads informing Oregonians of our new coverage.

 While clever is nice, the rubber meets the road when we look at the depth of coverage and the premiums we have to pay. The Oregon Insurance Division has posted some of the rates approved thus far. This is still a work in progress. 

When you enroll through “Cover Oregon,” you may qualify for tax credits to offset your premiums. Use the online calculator to find out how much financial help you could receive. Visit www.coveroregon.com and check it out for yourself. Open enrollment begins Oct. 1.

While “Cover Oregon” and features of Obamacare, such as no denials due to pre-existing conditions, are a step toward universal health coverage, we still have huge gaps. 

For example, we still will have insurance companies deciding for patients and doctors, how much of certain services they can receive. There will continue to be co-pays, deductibles and other financial barriers, making the risk of bankruptcy a continued reality for many Oregonians. 

As I have been tabling for Health Care For All Oregon at festivals this summer, I am astonished at the stories I hear. I would love for others to hear them too. Please write a letter to the editor letting our community know how our health care system has impacted you and if “Cover Oregon” helps or hinders your access to health care.

Fuji Kreider

La Grande

Favoritism in sports is form of bullying

To the Editor:

I know sports have changed since I was in school, but back then I played at my grade level. When I hear a coach tell a parent that their kid is unteachable because his arms are crossed, it makes me wonder why that person is coaching. You need to understand the kid and then try harder with him. Although I can’t blame him for his attitude if he is in high school yet is put with the junior high kids.

As coaches we should do everything we can to make sure all the kids learn about the camps going on and all the practices we are attending. All parents pay the same and want the best for their children, and favoritism must stop. To me, this is a form of bullying. It is wrong to tell children they will hold their teammates back if you put them with their age group. It is wrong to replace a high school teammate with a junior high student. What we are instilling in our children is that they aren’t good enough. We should work with them and the parents to help them become better.

Sports keep our children off the streets and out of trouble. To put some ahead of others is bullying. Each child has special strengths. It is time to start looking at what we are doing to the children and change things. Play these kids and see what they have to offer and have the better skilled kids work with them. You might be surprised what you discover.

Please think about the lasting effect favoritism has on these kids. It’s not just kids bullying kids. It starts with the adults. The way to avoid this is called teamwork.

Dorthea Sutor


Newspaper, staff bonding with the community 

To The Editor: 

We are blessed to reside in a community with a newspaper that is so willing to provide exposure for some of the ministry that our church is involved in. I think your efforts to cover local events and highlight endeavors is a wise business practice, as well as an effort to bond our community. 

The article and pictures for the Aug. 7 front page Haiti article was fantastic. Special thanks and compliments to the professionalism of Dick Mason and Chris Baxter, as they were at Faith Lutheran twice to gather their data. 

Rev. Sam Wiseman

La Grande