Lostine under boiled water restriction

By Observer staff August 22, 2013 12:54 pm
LOSTINE — The City of Lostine is under a boiled water restriction for at least the next 24 to 36 hours due to bacteria identified in recent water sampling tests.

Paul Karvoski, Wallowa County Emergency Services manager, said calls are going out to the city’s water users. The restriction is in place until further notice.

Karvoski said it is OK to bathe in the water, but recommends boiling water even for pets and adding one tablespoon of chlorine to dishwater.

Sean Young, water master for Lostine, said he sends water samples to a testing facility in Pendleton every month, but once a year he tests each of the city’s four springs and its wells. Spring number two tested positively for coliform.

Young said, “My monthly test came back positive (for bacteria) and then I took the yearly samples the same day. From those I could determine which source it was. Right now I’ve got the number two spring blocked from coming into the system.”

Tuesday morning, Young said he took four repeat samples and three came back negative for bacteria. He said he is now in the process of collecting five more samples this afternoon and will do five more samples again on Monday.

Young said he is driving the samples over today and would like to ensure the bacteria is eliminated from the city’s system before the weekend.