Anglers may keep all they catch on Thief Valley Reservoir

By Observer staff August 22, 2013 03:32 pm

Dry conditions in Eastern Oregon and declining water levels in Thief Valley Reservoir have prompted local fish biologists to lift daily catch limits on the reservoir starting Saturday.

Thief Valley Reservoir on the Powder River near Baker City is expected to reach "dead storage" level within the next two weeks when the remaining irrigation storage water is drained. ODFW biologist Tim Bailey said he expects significant fish die-off when the reservoir is drained and fish become trapped in isolated pools.
“Most fish will be stressed in the warm, turbid water and die,” he said.
From Saturday to Oct. 31 the reservoir will be open to fishing for all game species under the following temporary regulations:
• No daily catch or possession limits
• No size limits
• Harvest is allowed by hand, dip net or fishing