Letters to the editor for Aug. 26, 2013

By Observer editorial August 26, 2013 11:49 am


Set aside personal agendas and fix downtown

To The Editor:

I, like many others, am really tired of the fighting over what is best to get people to come into our county and spend time in our towns. Here’s a real simple head’s up for all of you fighting over the La Grande “core district” — quit acting like 7-year-old children and start working together. 

The answer is right in front of you. Just set aside your personal agenda and do what’s best for everybody here.

La Grande is the only town in the county capable of having or raising the money needed to make our whole county more economically livable, yet you can only think about the “core district.” Shame on you all. 

You keep throwing $20,000 here or $50,000 there at this and that, and the return, to be blunt, sucks. How many $20,000’s or $50,000’s do you have to throw in the toilet before you realize that to bring people downtown you must first bring them into the county.

Remember the air show? It brought people from four or more states to come watch, and they explored our whole county when they were here, including downtown. Remember the timber carnival? It did the same thing and was only blocks from downtown. Remember the raft race? 

Do I have to go on here for you to get it?

Take all that money you throw at things and just pay the liability insurance to bring these programs back. They worked and brought people here.

Joe Kauffman

La Grande

Esquivel commentary fails to offer solutions 

To The Editor,

I am disappointed that the Observer felt the need to give Rep. Esquivel a forum to simply complain about the governor and “opposing party.” While many conservatives complain about a perceived liberal bias in the media, it is interesting to note that the Observer printed this partisan (conservative) rant without identifying Rep. Esquivel as a Republican (they did point out that he’s a state representative from Medford — he doesn’t even represent Eastern Oregon). 

The title of the piece was “PERS reform needs to fix true issues” and Mr. Esquivel wrote, “instead, the ruling party decided on a PERS plan that does not, and will not, ever fix the underlying issues within the system.” However, the rest of the essay simply complains about several things that the governor and Legislature did or did not do with which he disagrees. Mr. Esquivel never mentions what those “true” “underlying issues” are, how the governor’s plan is faulty or Mr. Esquivel’s (or his party’s) plan to fix them. 

I am all in favor of political discussions of opposing views, but criticizing without offering an alternative is cowardly and shows that Mr. Esquivel doesn’t know “the difference between leadership and lip service.” And printing this rant only shows the conservative bias of the Observer.

Tim Hoffnagle

La Grande