Letters to the editor for September 2, 2013

By Observer Upload September 02, 2013 09:10 am
Letters to the editor for September 2, 2013



Single-payer system would reduce health care costs

To the Editor:

The Labor Campaign for Single Payer is asking all current and retired union members to sign their open letter calling for support for single-payer health insurance. 

It states: “We believe that this is not the time to turn our backs on health care reform and advancing the cause of health care justice. Rather, we must push the envelope further. America’s working families need a health care system, not a healthcare industry. They need health care that is affordable, guaranteed and accessible to all without regard to age, employment status, income or geography. They need a system like every other industrialized country in the world where health care is a birthright, not a commodity.”

A single-payer system that covers all Oregonians would lead to a reduction in health care costs. For example, the administrative cost of Medicare is 1.4 percent. Compare that to the 15 percent to 30 percent spent on administrative costs for private health insurance companies. More savings would come to all medical offices because they could reduce the staff needed to process insurance. The facility that serves the county with the smallest population in Oregon has to deal with 67 different insurance companies. What a difference if they had only to deal with one. With universal, single-payer health care, there’s no corporate profit, no advertising and reduced overhead and everyone gets medical care. 

It’s time to move forward with health care reform. Lend your support to Healthcare for All Oregon (www.hcao.org).

Carol Lauritzen

La Grande




Quality customer service trumps ‘shopping local’

To the Editor:

The Aug. 16 editorial “Parking not the main issue” was correct. Parallel parking is the least of downtown’s problems. If the business community wants angled parking, we might as well say goodbye to our turning lanes. Waiting for the car in front of you to turn as a steady stream of oncoming traffic files by will be yet another deterrent to shopping downtown.

John Lackey is on the wrong side of the issue as well. Shopping local is not a community priority. As local citizens we do not “owe” anyone or any business our hard-earned dollars. Those dollars are competed for and distributed appropriately as we find our needs adequately fulfilled.

It is the local business model of some that must change. If you provide a quality product coupled with superb customer service, success will most likely follow. Instead of whining about the alternatives available, formulate a winning strategy and compete in the arena for the prize: citizen dollars.

There are good businesses staffed by customer-minded folks in La Grande and that is where I choose to spend my hard-earned money. I’ve also visited many businesses that, unfortunately for them, will not receive another piece of my paycheck due to the inadequate product and/or poor customer service received in the past. 

The latter needs to improve their product, sharpen their customer skills and compete with the successful businesses rather than agreeing with the misplaced expectation voiced by Mr. Lackey.

When it comes to the businesses we frequent, we as citizens vote with our pocketbooks.

David Kloss

La Grande



U.S. no longer beneath protective wings of the Lord

To the Editor:

The United States of America has stepped out from beneath the protective wings of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have already begun to experience the troubles common to other parts of the world, and there is more in store for us if we don’t do something about this. Prophecy states that at least one-third of all humans will die.

The Lord has not changed. He still hates what he hated from the beginning. He has been biding his time to see what we are made of … and we showed him. We must turn around and eschew those things the Lord hates. Just as Israel and Judea, we are being warned of our impending calamity.

Here is a short list of our errors that the Lord intends to eliminate:

• Serving other gods: money, status, career, computer, public opinion, etc.

• Blasphemy: blaming the Lord and talking wrongly about him, trying to do his job for him

• Murder: hating without cause, state-assisted suicide, abortion

• Sexual perversion: adultery, physical and spiritual fornication, homo-

• Lies: “little white lies,” political

• Sorcery: any spiritual act not done through the Lord Jesus (including telepathy, positive thinking and other demonic doctrines)

We don’t have much time. Unless we act now, we will suffer the full effects of the tribulation, just like the rest of the world. Read Revelations.

Donna Trueax

La Grande