Aaron’s launches new fundraiser

September 04, 2013 10:38 am

Opportunity gives teams, groups chance to raise money from referrals to the lease-to-own, retail store 

Fundraising can be a difficult and time-consuming task. One local store is hopingto make fundraising easierwhile also connecting to the community.

Aaron’s of La Grande recently launched a new fundraiser that will donate the entire first payment of a qualifying new lease or 10 percent of a retail sale from referrals to an organization.

“The potential for these groups is huge,” said Stacey Casciato, regional manager.

Groups must be established with a tax ID number. This includes teams and clubs within the store’s 60-mile delivery radius.

Aaron’s will provide a packet with referral certificates to groups that are interested. Members of the group just have to hand out referrals and encourage people to come to Aaron’s.

“Their members are basically doing our footwork,” Casciato said. “They could potentially make a lot of money.”

Casciato said the average payment on a new lease is $99.99, and that 10 percent off an appliance sale would be significant.

“It’s going to pay off for the kids,” she said.

Casciato and La Grande Aaron’s Sales Manager PJ Keefer said the new fundraiser comes at a time when the store has stabilized and is ready to branch out.

“The group that we have in the store is consistent,” Casciato said. “Financially we’ve stabilized.”

Now is the time to “give back and grow,” she said.

Casciato, whose husband coaches softball locally, knows how hard it can be for teams to raise money.

“It’s crazy expensive,” she said.

She and Keefer think their fundraiser will help ease that burden and grow their customer base.

“Half the people who come in don’t even know we’re a retail store,” Keefer said. “I can sell you anything in the store.”

Plus, Casciato and Keefer hope to make Aaron’s a sort of hub for the groups that get involved. One softball team is already scheduled to do some training in the store using their TVs.

“This whole fundraiser will bring us closer to the community,” Keefer said.

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