UCSO cracking down on speeders

By Dick Mason, The Observer September 11, 2013 10:47 am
ISLAND CITY — Motorists driving in the vicinity of Island City Elementary School are now being watched more closely by the Union County Sheriff’s Office. 

Deputies are focusing on drivers in the vicinity of the school after citizens expressed concerns about speeding drivers during a Island City City Council meeting Monday. 

Those who spoke about their concern included Kay Dick of Island City. Dick said she has witnessed an increasing number of people driving above the speed limit in the vicinity of the of the elementary school in the morning before classes start. Dick said many of these drivers are mothers rushing to get their children to school on time. 

“I’m very concerned that somebody might be seriously hurt or killed,” Dick said.

Complaints about dangerous drivers were expressed after UCSO Sgt. Nick Pallis gave an August law enforcement activity report. He listed how many traffic citations were issued, arrests made and people interviewed. A UCSO representative gives a law enforcement activity report at each monthly meeting of the city council.

Pallis said he was disturbed by the reports of careless driving. He said that beginning this week he will assign deputies to be on the lookout for drivers violating traffic laws in the vicinity of the elementary school in the morning and afternoon about the times students are coming to or leaving school.

“There will be no warnings. We have tried to educate people with warnings. We will be giving citations,” Pallis said.