Boise Cascade announces expansion, new jobs

October 07, 2013 10:49 am

Boise Cascade has plans to add 70 full-time jobs and increase production in Union County.

The company announced Monday that the particleboard plant in Island City will changed from 5-day to 7-day operation in early December. The La Grande mill, previously known as Mount Emily Lumber, will expand its small-log process and transition to a full, single shift operation.

"An improving outlook for log supply is allowing us to more forward with this expansion," said Boise's Region Manager Tom Insko. "Increasing our small-long processing capacity is aligned with the near-term log supply coming from restoration work associated with forest fires experienced in the area during summer. This also matches longer-term expectations for sawlog outputs from forest health improvement projects on our local federal forests."

Human Resources Manager Steve Lyon said they have been staffing up the particleboard preparing for the expansion.

"We are now looking for the right 40 people to add to the team at Mount Emily Lumber," he said.