Letters to the editor for Oct. 7, 2013

By Observer editorial October 08, 2013 01:01 pm

Reintrodcution of wolves borders on un-American

To The Editor:

Thousands of citizens have written, petitioned, marched and complained about the reintroduction of wolves in our country, to no avail.

We need a referendum or a large enough movement to force legislation removing the wolves. Someone with money and time, please start the movement and we will support you.

People in the federal and state fish and wildlife offices have refused to listen to the people’s complaints in their many forms.  

The only thing that will legally stop the reintroduction of wolves is legislation. It is the American Way.

I am inclined to call the reintroduction of wolves un-American, since it is against the will of the majority of our citizens. I can think of no other word than un-American.  Shame on those fish and wildlife people who won’t stand up for the American way, motherhood and apple pie.  Shame on them.


Nicholas Smith
La Grande


Doctor harbors no ill will toward the community

To The Editor:

I need to address rumors that are drifting back to me. 

I am not leaving or taking a break from my practice. I am not suffering a personal crisis beyond the stress of current events. I do not have a drug or alcohol problem. I am not getting a divorce. I am not distracted in my work. I made a big, bad, public mistake. I will learn from it as I try to from all my mistakes. 

Perhaps there is a reason it was so public. Perhaps there is a lesson I would have learned no other way. Very worse case scenario and I go to jail for an extended time, it will have been for a reason. I will be a better person for it. 

Oddly, the legal process frustrates full disclosure but I hope to eventually give my side of the story. When I do, it will be with compassion for all. I harbor no ill will. 

My roots are deep in the bedrock of Union County and I will continue my work to better the lives of others. 

I have of course had to discuss my situation with my patients. Almost without exception they have treated me with great compassion and acceptance. My life has been so good and easy that I may have forgotten that there but by the Grace of God go I. 

Never again. Thank you to all.


Dr. Joel Rice
La Grande