Letters to the editor for Oct. 28, 2013

By Observer editorial October 28, 2013 09:46 am

Politicians should work for the people, not pork programs 

To the Editor:

I’m writing in response to the PERS bill recently passed by the Oregon Legislature.

Your governor (not mine) and his band of drones convinced the Legislature to reduce the cost of living “COLA” payment to PERS retirees depending on their income. PERS retirees have received a 2 percent cost of living increase for more than 40 years. 

This is so typical of greedy politicians to delve into an agency such as PERS that has successfully built up a large contingency fund made up of smart investments.

Of course, this law is being challenged up to the Oregon Supreme Court. Regardless of the decision by the court, I will not vote for these puppets that undoubtedly were promised concessions for their votes commonly known as pork programs. I urge all PERS retirees and state employees to join me and vote these people out of office this next

We want politicians to work for the people, not pork programs and higher taxes.

Duane Berry


BMHA should humanely put pit bulls down

To the Editor:

I have been a longtime supporter of Blue Mountain Humane Association, and will continue to do so. But in view of the recent death of a child in Baker City, due to a pit bull attack, I think it is time to have a conversation about the number of pit bulls that are being warehoused at the shelter and have been for a couple of years. 

Presumably, they are not being adopted because the public does not want to take a chance of being responsible for another tragedy.

Yes, my heart breaks for these dogs, but a severe reality check is in order here. Do we want our support money being spent on what is becoming a greater problem all the time? I cringe every time I see a new ad for pit bull puppies for sale because I know chances are they are going to end up in the shelter — and then what do we do with them?

The fatal attack on the little boy in Baker City is shocking and horrifying but the reactions of the public to it are mystifying. 

How many times does the same scenario have to play out in the news before people agree that these dogs are unpredictable? 

I have heard all the arguments: that it’s not the dog’s fault, somehow the owners are to blame or, worse yet, it must have been provoked by the child.

Since when should a small child have to pay with his life because he trusted the wrong dog?

I appeal to the Blue Mountain Humane Association to do the responsible thing and humanely have those dogs put down.

Deborah A. Rudd


Bugs are a nightmare for residents on Cricket Flat

To the Editor:

Kudos to The Observer and neighbors, Natalie Bustos and Larry Hazard, for acknowledging the nightmare of our horrible bugs and how they are affecting our lives on Cricket Flat. To be awakened every night with them crawling in my bed, and on myself, is almost more than one can bear.

We have begged for help from the OSU Extension office and received no assistance. As per their office “considering this is not an economic problem and just a nuisance” implied their complete ignorance of our plight. Perhaps realizing that our problem was going public is what urged them to take an interest. They wanted to wait until springtime to look into this, but these bugs are with us year round and never completely go away.

We sincerely hope this problem will no longer be ignored, as many of us have been completely traumatized by this situation and are desperate for some assistance.

Sadly, if you Google “grass bugs,” you will see that the Associated Press has picked up this story and it has gone viral all over the country. I do not believe that this is the kind of publicity that Union County wants or needs. 

Thank you again for your newspaper recognizing our dilemma. We sincerely appreciate you.

Marilyn Thompson