Kill confirmed to be Snake River pack

October 28, 2013 10:18 am

Calf killed first confirmed kill by Snake River pack 

IMNAHA — A calf found Oct. 14 on Freezeout Creek along the Imnaha River corridor was confirmed to be Snake River pack wolf depredation. The calf, found badly injured, eventually died the following day.

This calf loss occurred inside what the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife calls an “Area of Known Wolf Activity.” The livestock were on a U.S. Forest Service grazing allotment and the first confirmed cattle loss to the Snake River pack.

A Fish and Wildlife report said the livestock producer provided a written statement that he did not know of any unnatural attractants of potential wolf-livestock conflict in this area.

The cattle were on open range in a large forest allotment pasture. Therefore, the producer is not required to have been using at least one measure Fish and Wildlife deems most appropriate from non-lethal deterrence measures. 

However, in this situation the producer did report that he had non-injuriously hazed wolves on Oct. 14 and returned on Oct. 15 to check his cattle.

Rancher Charlie Warnock said earlier last week that Fish and Wildlife have been emailing him updates on the whereabouts of collared members of the Snake River pack and he’s received phone calls. Typically ranchers are contacted by cellphone text messages, but Warnock lives in a remote area without cell coverage.

So far he hasn’t suffered any more loss from wolves.

The Snake River pack’s territory is running close to the Imnaha pack, which has been involved in dozens of livestock losses and injuries since the spring of 2010.

The Snake River pack kill will count toward the first of four in six months necessary for the state to move to killing problem wolves, according to a May lawsuit settlement. 

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