Signs of an improving economy

By Observer editorial November 04, 2013 08:44 am

Any time a local firm decides to make an investment in infrastructure it is good news.

So the announcement last week that Northwood Investments broke ground on a new RV plant situated on Pierce Road should be viewed by area voters as a subtle — but still significant — example of an improving economy.

Chief Operating Officer of Outdoors RIV and Northwood Manufacturing, Ward King, said in a story in this newspaper that business is picking up and that the 50,000-square foot expansion could generate at least 25 new jobs.

At first glance, 25 new jobs may not seem like that big a deal. But in an economy such as Eastern Oregon’s and framed against the historically dismal commercial environment throughout the region, an expansion like the one on Pierce Road is encouraging.

 Union County Commissioner Mark Davidson, in the same Observer story, lauded the Northwood effort and said work by area officials continues to bring more business into the area to supplement existing firms.

The priority elected leaders like Davidson put on finding and attracting business to the local area should be lauded and the expansion by Northwood shows that real economic progress is being made.

We hope area elected officials continue to work hard to generate economic viability to our area and we see the expansion by Northwood as a good first step toward a more prosperous and stable economic future for the area.