Letters to the editor for November 4, 2013

By Observer Upload November 04, 2013 08:46 am
Letters to the editor for November 4, 2013



Short-term approach not the correct answer

To The Editor: 

I want to address Glen Scheele’s letter of Oct. 21 regarding Congressman Greg Walden’s vote to stop runaway spending. 

I know Glen well, and he is an intelligent, decent man, but his assertion/assumption that the shutdown was a manufactured crisis and that Greg Walden’s vote against raising the debt ceiling was just a lockstep Republican move, is both incorrect and ironic. Why a consistent ‘no’ to Washington debt ceiling spending? 

Let’s do the math.

If you are overdrawn, you cut expenditures. If the source of your income happens to be American citizens on the verge of their own personal economic collapse, you don’t just demand more money and keep spending. That is budgeting that a small business owner like me, and countless American families understand. 

The spending of President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate is comparable to handing a limitless credit card to an irresponsible teenager. Scheele’s itemization of the money that was apparently “wasted” by the shutdown is nothing in comparison to what we will soon have coming at us: a national financial collapse brought to you at full speed by the Obama spending train. 

The current Senate-adopted plan does nothing to address the main problem: spending borrowed money we don’t have. Thankfully, Greg knows that a short-term, Band-Aid approach for only three months is not the correct answer. Enough is enough. 

That seems a reasonable validation for a no vote.

Colleen MacLeod





Coverage of grass bug issue has residents hopeful

To The Editor: 

The recent awareness of the grass bug infestation has made all of us in Palmer Valley and vicinity hopeful. 

The increase over the years has been not only frustrating but downright creepy as they fly into your face and into your hair when outside. Inside, they land on the table as you are eating and drop from the ceiling when you are sitting by a lamp in the evening. Attracted to light-colored objects and light, you can vacuum all day yet they still keep coming, even now. 

I recently opened a large folded piece of cardboard in the carport only to find thousands of them clustered together keeping warm and waiting until winter is over to strike again. 

They have definitely become more than a nuisance.

Hopefully, the more attention we give this matter something might get done, if they know what to do without killing all the bees and birds in the process.

J. Richter

Palmer Valley