Letters to the editor for November 11, 2013

By Observer Upload November 11, 2013 12:38 pm
Letters to the editor for November 11, 2013



Bugs are a nightmare for residents on Cricket Flat

To The Editor:

A recent letter needs a little clarification. I appreciate the kudos for my participation in trying to solve the grassbug infestations in our area, but it was the Oregon State University Extension office who came out to our Cricket Flat property. It was the Extension office who invited the La Grande Observer for the onsite observations. It was the Extension office who supplied pest traps and chemical pest strips for an efficacy trial, and it was the Oregon Department of Agriculture entomologists locally and in Salem who have identified the insect down to the family/genus/species (rhopalidae/arhyssus/barberi). 

Without the Extension office and ODA we have no chance whatsoever of solving the bug infestations. The Extension office and ODA have now committed resources to help us solve this problem and we must work together in a positive way with them to do so. It will take time. 

Funding at this point is very limited. I am volunteering in any way I can to be of help. My wife and I have endured 17 seasons of these pests, others many more. We understand the word nuisance is putting it lightly, with the numbers we saw infest this year, and the thousands that infiltrate into the house and buildings, and bed and cupboards. It’s enough to literally drive a person insane. The Extension office and ODA realizes this also and has elevated the classification of this problem to something more serious than a simple nuisance.

So, let’s go forward from this point. Let’s forget the old mantra of “vacuum them up and seal your doors and windows, they’re only a nuisance to a few” solution. 

If we all ally with the Extension office and ODA, just maybe we can uncover the mystery of these bugs, exactly where they are coming from and how to break their cycle of reproduction. If anyone out there already knows where these bugs source, please speak up.

Larry Hazard






More representatives like Walden are needed

To The Editor:

I am responding to the letter from Glen Scheele that stated that Congressman Walden of our second district “put his party ahead of the country” by voting against the shutdown.

There was no “negotiation and compromise” as Scheele states in the writing of the Obamacare law. The Republicans were shut out and our former Democrat speaker stated that we had to pass the law to see what is in it. Few, if any, of our house members or senators had the opportunity to read the bill before passage. 

We need representatives like Congressman Walden in Washington to try to keep some sanity in our legislative process. I doubt that we can keep our president honest, but we need someone to keep asking difficult questions.

Doran Hopkins





Elgin position needs to be appointed or hired

To The Editor:

The Observer reported on Oct. 23 that former Elgin City Administrator Terrie Richards accepted a position as Port Orford city administrator on Sept. 12. On that date, Ms. Richards had the opportunity to give the City of Elgin notice that she was leaving and to assist in the transition. 

She had the opportunity to help the City Council and city employees in understanding and facilitating the ongoing administrator tasks. Ms. Richards chose not to do that.

Instead, at the beginning of a council meeting on Sept. 23, Ms. Richards hand delivered a resignation letter. In the letter she indicated she needed to resign effective immediately due to a family health emergency. There was no notice given. That was her last day of work as Elgin city administrator. 

The Observer quotes Ms. Richards as saying it is not anyone’s business as to the reason she left her position. In the private sector this may be the case. This, however, is a matter of an elected official leaving office. This matter is quite public. This matter raises issues on many levels.

What would prompt an elected official to leave office without giving notice? Why would an elected official choose to not tell the truth about their reasons for leaving office? How can the general public trust what has happened during an elected official’s tenure when lies, half truths and questions remain unaddressed? When an elected official chooses to make false statements to the public and the media, can anyone believe other statements made by that individual?

The City of Elgin has learned a lot from this experience. Many folks are now discovering their ongoing fears over the years have been realized. As we continue to dissect this situation, we can stand firm on one thing: The Elgin city administrator position must be switched from an elected position to an appointed or hired position. 

Watch for this on the May ballot. Never again should we be held hostage by an elected city administrator.


Polly Parsons