City accepting applications from residents

November 13, 2013 01:12 pm

Search to fill vacant city administrator pro tem begins

ELGIN — The City of Elgin is moving forward with filling the vacant city administrator position.

Beginning today, the city will seek resumes from residents interested in filling the position. 

Councilor Kathy Warren suggested the council advertise the pro tem position to residents, who would meet the residency requirement in the event that voters decide not to change the position to an appointed one.

“I think that’s the smartest move with the least amount of training to get by,” Warren said during Tuesday’s regular city council meeting.

Councilor Allan Duffy added that the office staff needs some help and other city employees have indicated they, too, need some direction.

“I believe we have to act tonight,” Duffy said.

Warren said the city has received two letters from people interested in being appointed to the position.

Mayor Brent Linville said the appointment could be on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis, a time frame the council will decide on.

The council will accept applications until 8 a.m. Monday and then move quickly to get the position filled. It will convene in an executive session at 2 p.m. the same day to go over the applications. At 6 p.m. Monday, a special session will be held for them to question applicants and, hopefully, appoint someone to the position.

Also at Tuesday night’s meeting was a request from the mayor for authorization to sign audit paperwork for finalization.

Duffy said he was not comfortable with letting Linville sign off on it before the council had a chance to review the audit book. 

“We have had no financial statements provided to us. Here lies the problem,” Duffy said. “I’m fine if we have an opportunity to look at the report.”

The issue was tabled until Monday’s special session.

During public comments at the meeting, residents asked whether the city would look into Terrie Richards’ abrupt resignation Sept. 23.

“I don’t want to waste another dime of city money to go after anything,” Linville said.

Residents also said they were offended that former councilor Scott Abernethy had written a letter of recommendation for Richards, dated May 29, using City of Elgin letterhead. 

“It’s a misrepresentation of the city,” said resident Sue Moore.

Abernethy stepped down from the council this summer. When asked if Abernethy could be chastised in any way, Linville said that was something that could be looked into.