Letters to the editor for November 18, 2013

By Observer Upload November 18, 2013 08:31 am
Letters to the editor for November 18, 2013



Bugs will eventually be worked out of Cover Oregon

To The Editor:

I am optimistic that the glitches in Cover Oregon will be resolved before coverage can begin on Jan. 1, 2014. Cover Oregon is a step in the right direction. When the program is fully implemented, more people will have health insurance coverage in our state than have coverage today.

However, even after Cover Oregon is fully implemented, not every Oregonian will have insurance coverage. And individuals with coverage will still have deductibles, co-pays and procedures and medications that are not covered. Some Oregon families will continue to be forced into bankruptcy when a major medical emergency occurs.

The next step will be obtaining full health care coverage for everyone in Oregon. Visit Health Care for All Oregon at www.hcao.org to learn about the next step.

Ira Cohen





Precipitation totals show area sits in rain shadow

To The Editor:

I just retired my open-top rain gauge for the season and would like to share my precipitation measurements for this year with your readers. I imagine that most of the residents of this valley have noticed that during stormy periods, there almost always is a dark cloud hanging over that area lying north of Mt. Emily. The following precipitation measurements, taken at a location about three miles west of Summerville and at an elevation of 3,100 feet, would seem to confirm that this area is definitely in a rain shadow.

Following are monthly rainfall totals, beginning on Feb. 9, and ending on Nov. 5: February 2.4 inches, March 3.4 inches, April 6 inches, May 2.8 inches, June 3.2 inches, July 0.6 inches, August 0.2 inches, September 6.2 inches, October 1 inch and November 0.8 inches. The total of these measurements is 26.6 inches. By comparison, the year-to-date and normal amounts reported in the Nov. 5 edition of The Observer for La Grande are 8.72 inches and 13.67 inches, respectively.

My observation is that the snowfall amounts are also heavier in this locale, so if you are interested in living in this rain shadow area, there are always some new real estate listings out here in the spring.

Gary Langlitz